Account Based Marketing Examples to Generate Demand

Presentation from the FlipMyFunnel Conference on “Personalizing the B2B Buyer Experience”

Account Attributes for a personalized Journey:
ABM Web Campaigns

ABM is Account Attributes

  1. Use account-centric approach to boost lead gen
  2. Use lead gen tactics to scale account based marketing


Account Based Web Campaigns

What are you doing on the web?

  1. Web is a buyers #1 influencer source (Forrester)
  2. Web is the most influential vehicle across the buyer journey (Forrester)


ABM Tactics in Lead Gen

Account attributes like industry or employee size are gathered through form fields and are used for information regarding top lead score criteria. Most companies already gather and use this information internally, if at all. Account based marketing lets you utilize this information to customize your calls to action, landing pages, and messaging on your website so it is relevant for the visitor’s needs and interests.


ABM Tactic #1: Dynamically Customize Calls to Action (CTAs) by Firmagraphics to Boost Leads

Boost Leads through Customized CTAs

Digium is a company that sells open source phones to small-mid sized businesses. Their marketers are responsible for driving more quality leads so they use account based marketing to create dynamic web campaigns.

By implementing account based web campaigns, they boosted total leads by more than 30%. Digium personalizes by dynamically customizing CTA’s to unknown visitors based on their industry. For non-targeted visitors outside their audience, they display a general CTA that saw a 1.24% conversion rate. Their targeted campaigns saw up to a 2.55% conversion rate, or a 105% increase from their non-targeted campaign.


Key Takeaway: Focus on Target Account Segments

Only 15% of known and unknown website visitors are in-target accounts. Account based marketing vendors are able to capture a visitor’s IP address, map it, and return the industry the visitor is a part of. Digium saw great results because they foresaw what each target-industry would be interested in and customized the web experience to match that interest in order to capture that account as a lead, boosting quality lead generation.


ABM Tactic #2: Dynamically Customized CTAs by Funnel Stage Spurs Sales Conversations

Typical Website CTAs are Spray and Pray

“Spray and Pray” CTAs are general call outs meant for mass appeal. The problem is they deliver a lot of non-targeted leads that waste the time of the sales team. At Vocus, hundreds of thousands of sales inquires come in through non-personalized CTAs on the website. However, only 10% of these inquires mattered and resulted in a sales conversation.


Spur Sales Conversations

Vocus was later acquired by Cision, a $700 million PR software provider. Once at Cision their goal was to produce more demos and enterprise consults so dynamically changed their CTA based on funnel stage. This change resulted in a 10x lift in demos and consults from gated content.


Customized CTAs by Funnel Stage

On high traffic, top-of-funnel content, Cision customized 27 CTAs by content interest based on the blog post topic to unknown visitors. Once visitors were engaged with the blog, Cision would deploy a slide-in card presenting additional resources for content-related items.

Once the visitor converted in order to view the gated content, Cision presented customized CTAs to the now known visitor based on firmagraphics. These next-level slide-ins appeared on their gated content with firmagraphic-specific messaging and a CTA to “Request a Demo.” As a result, visitors got relevant content and relevant CTAs by funnel stage and firmagraphic information.


Account Based Marketing Case Study: Savi Technology

Introducing Savi Technology

Savi is a pioneering sensor analytics solutions provider who provides high-value asset tracking and supply chain solutions at the epicenter of IoT, Big Data, and Analytics Markets.

Savi’s two main markets, both with long sales cycle and high complexity:

  1. Government
    • Reliability
    • Can I execute my mission with consistency and precision?
  2. Commercial
    • Data-driven ROI
    • Can I execute an adaptable plan efficiently?


Savi ABM Activities and Environment

Savi follows the typical ABM process by identifying the pain points of the customer to proposition the value of their solution, choose accounts, and determine best messaging and content for the demand gen programs. After running their lead gen and nurturing program, the prospects get in touch with sales and they receive feedback about what is working in their campaigns, what information is important to the various accounts, and what has changed in the market. This information then gets used to restart the cycle and possibly redefine their value proposition and positioning.


Savi Tech Stack

  1. Marketo
    • Used for demand gen nurturing
  2. NetSuite
    • Used in sales for CRM system
  3. Triblio
    • Used to scale ABM activities and personalize the web


Savi’s Current ABM Campaign, an In-Depth Look

Estimated Time of Arrival as a Service (ETAaaS)

1. ETAaaS Positioning

To being the ABM program, Savi looked into the pain points of their target audience. They found lack of real-time visibility into shipment location, condition and ETA limits planning and execution. These pain points mean loss of revenue since product shipments aren’t meeting demand expectation.

This leads to Savi’s ETAaaS solution. Combined the general purpose and visibility and analytics packaged with data science software. This provided real-time analytics and visibility which provides alerts to the supply chain to eliminate surprises and improve efficiency.


2. Account Selection Method

Savi again looked into prospects pain points to determine target accounts. The pain points create an ideal account profile:

  • Organization
    • Multinational
    • Manufactures raw materials or 50% of products
  • Shipment Characteristics
    • Time and risk sensitive
    • high value shipments
  • Logistics Operations
    • Multimodel (land > sea > land)
    • Volume is 750,000+ shipment annually
  • 100K+ Deals


Messaging and Content for ETAaaS

Savi’s goal was to make sure web visitors profiled as ETAaaS accounts get leads to the personalized ETAaaS content as fast as possible. When a visitor matches the targeted profile, they get automatically served personalized messaging related to ETAaaS. Within the targeted profiles, each individual account gets served specific imagery, messaging, and CTAs to capture their interests and solve their pain point. As a result Savi has seen a 250% increase in engagement.


4. Outbound and Web Lead Campaigns

Once the visitors engage with the dynamic content, Savi’s Pipeline Discovery Specialists lead outbound campaigns with drip emails to engage the prospects further in order to arrange a sales conversation.

Savi also continues the ETAaaS campaign on the web with resource pages and slide-in cards additionally promoting their ETAaaS solution to targeted audiences. The use of dynamic CTAs has lead to 50% more leads and 3x more leads in target accounts.


5. Support Sales

Campaign Reports
To support sales, Savi imports campaign data into macro-enabled spreadsheets filtered by sales rep, prospect, and activity.

Account Intelligence for Known Contacts
Aggregated reports for each of the reps that shows the activity of their prospects only

Unknown Contacts
With reverse IP lookup and mapping, reps can see insight into which accounts are interested by how much volume their accounts in brining to the website. Previously unknown or anonymous accounts can now be identified and nurtured by sales.


5. Account Based Content Hubs

Further nurture specific accounts interests with personalized content hubs. Savi’s marketing team curates the content and their sales team customizes the content per account so the customers receive special treatment. Savi is also able to track account interest through visitor behavior on these pages.


ETAaaS Campaign Results

In three months:

  • Engagement is up 250%
  • 57 Sales Meeting have been generated
  • 8 New ETAaaS Opportunities Identified
  • Sales and marketing alignment



Anyone can implement ABM web campaigns in days with no IT skills

ABM tactics to enhance lead gen:

  • For unknown contacts, use dynamic CTAs by account type
  • Dynamically target CTAs by funnel stage and firmagraphics

Lead gen tactics to enhance ABM:

  • Dynamic messaging and CTAs increase engagement and contacts
  • Alert sales to (un)known visitor metrics grouped by account
  • Content hubs track account interest



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