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DLT, 2016 Markie Finalist for Best Web Experience

DLT is a $900M IT solutions provider who redesigned their website with account personalization so web visitors could experience the 1:1 attention of their consultants.

About the Company

Leveraging strategic partnerships with top IT companies, DLT develops best-fit solutions for its customers. DLT’s sales, integration, and support experts have both deep subject matter expertise and in-depth knowledge of government mandated requirements and initiatives in areas such as a cloud computing, cyber security, and consolidation.
“Triblio understood our business challenges, and launched our ABM success which propelled us to a Markie finalist.”

DLT’s ABM Problem

While DLT is a top IT solutions provider because of their subject matter experts, the website was vendor focused. They needed to completely redesign their website to be customer focused. Through research, DLT found that the two most trustworthy sources during the purchase journey was their subject matter experts and website.

Triblio’s ABM Solution

DLT wanted the website to be an extension of their team. They used Triblio to dynamically customize the web experience and provide account-based content hubs. After seeing increased engagement and conversions from their new web experience, they used Triblio’s ads to reach more contacts.

10% more traffic, 2x higher quote requests with ads+web

Using Triblio, DLT ran display ads campaigns targeted to specific contacts and accounts that sales wanted to reach. Anyone with an ad impression or click through would see related messaging from the ad campaign if they visited

The ads increased total web traffic by 11% and ad click throughs to the landing page was over 5%.

With web personalization to the ad audience, DLT converted interest ad traffic into more engagement and quote requests. When traffic from the ad campaign’s target audience visited, they had 2x more engagement and 2x more quote requests.

Ad spend is now efficient, only targeting specific contacts and accounts, and effective as click-throughs are better and web traffic driven by the advertising is converted.

DLT Web Personalization

Home Page HERO Personalization

DLT recently redesigned their entire website to focus the experience on the customer needs, not on their vendor solutions. With the customer in mind, DLT created customized web campaigns for prospects and customers. On the home page, HERO images were related to the specific account. For instance, an image of a classroom for education accounts and fighter jets for the DoD. For the CTAs, existing customers would be directed to visit the support page or submit a quote request to their rep, but prospects’ CTA would be an invitation to learn more. DLT determines target accounts through their Eloqua contact database and IP lookup to match the IP address to the organization.

Dynamic content, landing pages, and CTAs by interest

In addition to personalizing their home page for in-target accounts, DLT reinforces custom messaging throughout their website by Eloqua segments and visitor behavior. When a visitor clicks through to the website from an email, DLT first classifies their area of interest which gets recorded in their Eloqua segment. Once this role interest is known, the visitor receives CTAs specifically related to their indicated area of interest. Then, if they click on those personalized CTAs, they are directed to a landing page that is also customized by that interest.

Account based hubs as microsites

Instead of developing industry or role specific microsites for their users over weeks of coding and design, DLT customizes microsites in hours. For their top accounts, DLT curates relevant content by account and topic interest. The listed content is vendor specific and contains a mixture of mid and bottom of the funnel content. Additionally, while the visitor is engaging on the page, a slide out appears with the contact information and picture of their account-specific rep. No IT personnel or skill set is required to create microsites and the hubs take only minutes for marketers to set up and can be easily replicated for new accounts.

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