Identify and Score Ideal Accounts

Score account purchase intent and identify new target accounts and unknown stakeholders by:
  • Funnel stage, employee size, or industry
  • Campaign, persona or visitor behavior
  • Title, role, or buyer type
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Personalize Web and Landing Pages

Increase engagement and conversion by dynamically personalizing web channels. Use Triblio templates to create relevant CTAs and messaging for:
  • Slideouts and popups
  • Website pages
  • Content hubs
  • Landing pages
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Execute & Optimize Digital Ads

Spend media only for target accounts. Reach new stakeholders and increase sales opportunities with ABM ads that:
  • Reach known and unknown buyers by account
  • Target audiences from CRM, email, persona, account, and more
  • Integrate with sales, email, and web channels
  • Provide closed loop reporting from ad impression to web traffic
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Define Goals by Leads, Revenue, and More

Measure and report metrics by account behavior. Define account based marketing campaign goals by:
  • Lead form capture in target accounts
  • Campaign and content engagement
  • Account score
  • Sales opportunities
  • Revenue and pipeline influence
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Enable Sales

Enable sales outbounding by using account based marketing to:
  • Prioritize sales outbound activities and sales plays
  • Scale rep and account specific content hubs
  • Trigger marketing campaigns with sales plays
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