Personalized Content Marketing

Content hubs, dynamic messaging, and CTA cards to increase leads and accelerate pipeline

Personalized content Marketing is the process of creating quality content that is relevant, informative, and engaging to generate marketing outcomes. The intent is to drive future sales since the content promotes the brand name as it relates to the individual. Content marketing must connect across multichannel campaigns. Providing content in an email campaign and then automatically generating consistent web messaging to complement the campaign is an example of personalized content marketing. This approach can help generate leads, increase lead score, and generate greater traffic.

Triblio helps you create personalize content marketing to drive future sales:

  • Deliver specific content to different target audiences with HERO banners and content hubs
  • Engage the prospect with microsites and dynamic content
  • Increase conversion of inbound traffic by promoting the content relevant to the prospect
  • Curate the best performing content from asset libraries or from 3rd parties
  • Target persona and buying stage with whitepapers, videos, and infographics that fit audience specific campaigns
  • Discover content that resonates using our persona-based algorithms

Account Based Marketing Results:

↑ 37% total leads, all in target accounts – Digium

↑ 11x in demo requests – Cision

↑ 10% leads in 1st month – WealthEngine

↑ 3x increase in sales meeting requests and engagement – Savi

↑ 175% inbound conversions on blog – Higher Logic

↑ 15x in total free trial requests – ThreatTrack

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