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1:1 Account Marketing

Target large, strategic accounts with ABM

Who needs 1:1 account marketing?

1:1 key account marketing is usually reserved for large accounts because they often require unique solutions for complex needs. This complexity means that there are dozens of stakeholders who can take multiple quarters to make a decision involving millions of dollars. They are often making multiple and related purchase decisions. Vendors will earn a sale by being able to understand and address the unique needs of how a large account purchases and what to purchase.

ABM Best Practices for Large Accounts

ABM for large accounts means that marketers can do more than just execute brand campaigns and support sales with events and sales collateral. Marketers can impact the entire purchase journey from increasing awareness to impacting the close rate. ABM for large accounts personalizes the contact strategy and campaigns. Whether a stakeholder is researching on the web, talking to sales, attending an event, or viewing and ad, they see relevant and consistent messaging unique wherever they are in the purchase journey.

ABM Success

Triblio is essential for the ABM programs that target your most strategic accounts. Triblio campaigns augment sales outbounding, events, and direct mail efforts. Dozens of stakeholders are researching their purchase decision using multiple channels. Each of these moments presents an opportunity to influence the purchase decision with unique messaging for each account.

Clients use Triblio for ABM for large accounts to:

Increase awareness by reaching key stakeholders. Keep top of mind with specific decision makers using role and contact-based display advertising.

Notify sales of purchase intent based on what target accounts are researching your category across your site and hundreds of thousands of other websites

Inform sales of content interest to prepare them for future sales conversations

Orchestrate multichannel sales AE and marketing campaigns

Engage target accounts with relevant content and CTAs across your web channels

Reinforce email, sales outbounding, events, and direct mail with web and advertising personalization

Learn best practices for 1:1 account marketing in this award-winning case study.

Trapeze Group won “Best Marketing Campaign” for their ABM program that targets key accounts.

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