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ABM Analytics

Prove Your Impact with Account-based Analytics.

Why Triblio’s Account-based Analytics

Unify your entire revenue team – marketing, sales, customer success, and the c-suite – behind a single view of account progression along the purchase journey. Triblio’s ABM analytics deliver both the big picture view of your pipeline impact as well as specific account insights to give you an edge in key accounts.

Measure Marketing ROI and Pipeline Impact

We know how important it is to demonstrate the impact of your ABM efforts. The executive team wants proof that marketing budget is being spent efficiently and effectively, and salespeople need to see that collaborating with marketing has a positive impact on the deals they’re working. Triblio offers multiple reports, such as the Funnel Impact Report and Pipeline Impact Report, that make it easy for you to show, in ranked order, the opportunities that your ABM campaigns have influenced the most.

Drill Down into Key Account Insights

Account visibility allows both marketers and salespeople to run data-driven campaigns. Equipped with key account insights, marketers can monitor how accounts as a whole, including both known and unknown website visitors, react to campaigns, and salespeople can gain confidence that they’re reaching out with the right messaging. In Triblio reports such as the Account 360 Report and the Account Timeline, find high-level diagnoses of overall account health as well as details on specific engagements.