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Account Based Advertising

Deliver the right message to the right person at right place and time

Account based advertising offers 3 important benefits to B2B marketers:


  • Reduce waste by defining target audiences using only B2B criteria like stakeholders, buying centers, and accounts
  • More transparency with metrics across all funnel stages: Measure ad performance by impressions, engagement, website, and landing page conversions, pipeline influence, and revenue
  • Improve conversions when syncing campaigns and audiences with web personalization, CRM, and marketing automation

Account based advertising is exclusively designed for B2B marketers in 3 essential ways:

Highly Targeted Ad Audiences

Create specific audiences for your account based advertising campaigns only using B2B criteria, such as account, buying center, or stakeholder.

Target any person in target accounts by:

  • Employee Size, Revenue, Industry, Geography, Named Account List, Sales Territory

Target any person in key departments by:

  • Funnel Stage, Readiness Score, Opportunity Score, Deal Type, Department

Target only specific stakeholders by:

  • Email Contact, Buying Center, Title, Persona, Unknown Visitor Behavior, Content Interest, Campaign Response

Track and Optimize Account Based Advertising Campaigns

Metrics track performance by an account at all stages of the customer journey from impression and engagement to leads and revenue. Analyze impressions, clickthroughs, reach, and influence of advertising campaigns on your target accounts.

  • Break out revenue influence
  • Click-through conversions
  • Website conversions from ad traffic

Combine Ads with Web Personalization for Conversions

Get more than engagement with your display ads. Ad traffic in target accounts to the website only convert when web personalization shows relevant messages and CTAs.

  • Create ad audience using any field in Salesforce
  • Use marketing automation lists for ad audiences
  • Personalize website by ad audience
Account Based Advertising 1.0
Account Based Advertising 2.0
Account Based Advertising 3.0
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