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Account Based Advertising


Account Based Advertising

What is account based advertising?

Account based advertising is built exclusively for B2B marketers.

Account based advertising greatly improves upon traditional display advertising for B2B marketers. Display advertising, while good for impressions, has been rather lacking when it comes to improving traffic or driving conversions. Not to mention, clickthrough rate is abysmally low at an average of 0.1%.

Account based advertising allows you to measure both clickthrough and view-through conversions on your website directly from your ads. Track performance of your ads at every stage of the customer journey, and understand how your display ads have influenced your prospects. Additionally, account based advertising only serves the target accounts and target account segments that you select.   

For B2B marketers, traditional display advertising just misses the mark. With account based advertising, you’ll land right on target every time.   

Who needs account based advertising?

Account based advertising reduces spend and waste while increasing impressions to your target accounts. Why pay to advertise to everyone when you only want to advertise to a select few? Choose account based advertising if you have specific audience segments that you want to target, such as industry, stakeholder, pipeline stage, and more.

Account Based Advertising is for: 

  • Marketers that only want to spend on display advertising that they can directly link to conversions and in-target accounts
  • Account executives that want to be top of mind to their prospects, no matter what buying stage they’re in
  • Organizations that want to reduce ad spend waste while increasing conversions and reach
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Use Triblio to conduct display advertising campaigns directly to your target accounts and only your target accounts:

  • Reduce waste by defining target audiences using only B2B criteria like stakeholders, buying centers, and accounts
  • More transparency with metrics across all funnel stages
  • Measure ad performance by impressions, engagement, website, and landing page conversions, pipeline influence, and revenue
  • Improve conversions when syncing campaigns and audiences with web personalization, CRM, and marketing automation
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