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What is Account Based Marketing?

Target accounts each with a unique multichannel campaign.

Account based marketing (ABM) is a framework for targeting specific accounts or account segments, usually by purchase history, firmographics, product need, or strategic value.

ABM uses demand generation techniques with the objective to increase new accounts or revenue per existing account instead of simply focusing on lead generation. Increasing quality leads in target accounts is just the first step for ABM. 

Account based tactics is a multi-step process which influences stakeholders that are part of a buying group throughout the entire buyer journey.

The buyer journey includes, for new logos, the stages from discovery to proposal to win. You can even use account based marketing for your existing customers from upsell, cross-sell, retention and advocacy. Additionally, account based marketing is for both your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

ABM is no longer a cute buzzword or trend. With the proven success and impact of ABM programs, research advisory firms such as SiriusDecisions and TOPO have debuted new demand funnels constructed with the core principles and strength of ABM. 

"With ABM, we can engage more stakeholders during the sales process."

Brendon O'Donovan

VP of Marketing, Aquicore

Who needs account based marketing?

ABM is not just for your marketing team. ABM is not solely for your sales team either. ABM is a strategy that your entire organization needs to adopt. From your sales reps and marketing managers all the way to your client success teams, adopting and adapting to a complete account based approach centralizes your entire organization. Forrester released a report on how ABM aligns sales and marketing.

More and more organizations are moving to an account-based approach after seeing the success of other organizations. TOPO reports that over 80% of organizations that have launched ABM campaigns for a year or more have met or exceeded expectations.

When practicing ABM, it is essential for sales and marketing to work together. Stakeholders across the account will receive integrated campaigns and a unified contact strategy with consistent messaging and CTAs across sales and marketing touchpoints. Instead of measuring channel performance by leads, account based marketing groups contacts and leads into account-based metrics that are tracked throughout the entire buyer journey.

Account based marketing is for: 

  • Marketers that want their marketing campaigns to deliver results and revenue, not empty promises
  • Account executives that only want to talk to their target accounts and waste no time with those outside of target
  • Sales representatives that only want to deliver in-target contacts and demos
  • Organizations that want to reduce waste, maximize revenue, and take advantage of the latest innovations of marketing technology
See how Triblio can help you achieve your ABM goals.

Triblio account based marketing software enables marketers to create ABM campaigns to:

  • Customize messaging, content, and CTAs by account segments: prospect vs. customer, product interest, content topic interest, firmagraphics, or funnel stage
  • Unify marketing and sales messaging across corporate channels for specific account targets
  • Connect sales and email cross-sell/upsell campaigns across multiple channels
  • Increase engagement of unknown contacts and visitors within target accounts
  • Determine purchase intent and content interest known and unknown visitor behavior by account

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