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Web Personalization 

Web personalization dynamically serves content, CTAs, and messaging for stakeholders’ unique interests. Personalization enhances the web experience of different stakeholder personas, increasing engagement, and conversion.

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Web Pages

With Triblio’s WYSIWYG editor, personalizing your website has never been easier. Simply click on any element on your website to begin editing with Triblio’s Chrome extension. Change messaging, images, and links without any knowledge of HTML/CSS.

Flyouts and Popups

Create dynamic and beautiful overlays and pop-ups in Triblio. Choose one of the many predesigned templates and start designing! These templates are easily customizable and require no HTML/CSS to do so. Change images and text with the click of a button.

Content Hubs

Create custom content hubs and microsites using Triblio’s Content Boards. Upload links, videos, PDFs, and any other content pieces that you’d like. Content hubs can be designed as their own microsite right in Triblio, or integrate them onto any web page by simply copying and pasting.

Use Triblio to personalize your web and cross-channel campaigns
  • Increase account scores and conversions for your email campaigns and digital advertising campaigns by creating custom web campaigns.
  • Maintain consistent messaging across sales, web, email, and social channels.
  • Target contacts within accounts according to role while they learn about your product with personalized web pages, overlay cards, content hubs, or microsites.
  • Deepen engagement and reduce bounce rate by personalizing content to specific personas and account interests.
  • Create customized website content consistent with email campaigns for every email list segment.
  • Target prospects’ location to promote geographically fitting and interest-considerate events.
  • Simplify user experience by automatically generating personalized product information based on specific accounts, audience segments, and company size.
  • Create and execute personalized campaigns without needing IT knowledge.

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