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Account Expansion

Nurture customers to create cross sell and upsell opportunities

If you’re done acquiring new logos, and the objective is to expand your footprint into an existing customer base, account-based marketing is an effective tool for cross selling and upselling.

With account-based marketing, you can run more customer marketing programs that are consistent across more channels. Customer marketers can concentrate their messaging on specific buying group in a customer account for a specific line of business (LOB). Personalizations in web and digital advertising can support email, sales outbounding, events, and direct mail campaigns.

Success using Triblio

Triblio is essential to your ABM programs for customer expansion. Common tactics clients use for cross sell and upsell opportunities include:

Reaching new buying groups and decision makers using role and contact-based advertising

Promoting proprietary client success with one group to another with display ads and web personalization

Reinforcing email, sales outbounding, events, and direct mail with web and advertising personalization

Notifying sales of purchase intent in different buying groups across your site and hundreds of thousands of other websites

Download case studies for upsell and cross sell campaigns.

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