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What is the Account Funnel?

The most efficient demand funnels focus on accounts, not leads.

The account funnel focuses spend and campaigns only on target accounts. Previously, the demand funnel focused solely on attracting, capturing, and qualifying leads. Too much time and spend was wasted on qualifying individual leads, rather than focusing efforts on attracting the whole account. The previous leads-based model was also shackled by the need for a form-fill before any real marketing and sales efforts could be done.

The buyer’s journey is becoming increasingly entangled with complication. Buyers are anonymous for the majority of the buying process and are more hesitant than ever to fill out a form because they don’t want to incite harassment by sales representatives. In addition, there are more buyers involved in a buying process than ever. 

There’s no saying that the individual that fills out the form in the leads-based model is even part of that buying process. 

The account funnel changes all of that by focusing on the entire account. Marketing plays can be run while the account is still anonymous and prior to form-fill. Additionally, marketing plays can be run to every single person from the account rather than just to the individual that fills out the form.

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Who needs to switch to the account funnel?

Marketers know that the buying process is becoming increasingly complicated and anonymous. By switching to the account funnel, marketing campaigns can reach that untapped potential lying in wait while buyers are anonymous.

The leads-based model is notorious for a bad handoff between marketing and sales teams. Sales teams received great quantities of leads of variable quality, and marketing only focused on activities prior to handoff. By switching to the account funnel, marketing and sales work together at every step of the buyer’s journey.

Organizations that utilize the account funnel see greater results in their sales processes and marketing campaigns.

Account Funnel is for: 

  • Marketers that want more efficient and effective marketing campaign
  • Sales representatives that are tired of wasting so much time qualifying leads instead of focusing on in-target accounts
  • Organizations that want to optimize their marketing campaigns while focusing their sales teams where it really matters
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  • Daily account activity reports in your sales representative’s inboxes whenever an account shows activity on the website
  • Salesforce plugin with Triblio automatically inserts account and visitor activity right in your Salesforce dashboard
  • Create sales triggers and events in Salesforce right in the Triblio app; trigger alerts based on account activity status, visitor behavior, and more

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