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Account Metrics 


Triblio provides a vast array of account-based metrics and reports for your campaigns.

See the activity of your target accounts, which campaigns generate the most pipeline, the clickthrough and viewthrough activity of your advertising campaigns, and more.

Create custom goals using parameters like visited pages, form submits, or Salesforce notifications. Monitor campaign progress and see what pathways your visitors are taking in real time.

"More value from Triblio than we imagined"

Eric Martin

Director of Marketing Programs, Salesloft

Track ABM campaign performance and discover account insights

ABM Campaign Metrics

Create campaign goals and monitor campaign performance.

Create custom goals for ABM campaigns such as visited pages, form submits, or Salesforce stages. Discover the specific pathway stakeholders in target accounts took across multiple channels.

Ad Metrics

Tracks a summary report of ad campaigns for ad audience impressions, engagement, website conversions, and pipeline influence.  Drill down on these metrics by account.

Monitor campaign spend with standard ad campaign metrics such as spend, impressions, win rate, CPMs, CPCs, CTRs, and clicks.

Account Insights

Every campaign and web channel visit is tracked and grouped by account.

Both known and unknown visitor behavior is grouped into the account details report. Follow your unknown visitors every step of the way, even if they’ve never filled out a form.

Google Analytics Integration

Create and track new user segments in Google Analytics.

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