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Account Targeting and

Account Scoring 

Identifying and defining target account segments is crucial to account based marketing. Define target accounts segments in an identifiable way that will describe an ideal customer profile (ICP).  In B2B, identifiable characteristics include firmographics like employee size, industry, location, department profiles, and technographics, in other words, the technology solutions that companies currently use.


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Target Accounts
Use any combination of B2B criteria, such as account, buying center, or stakeholder, to target account segments.

Target within Accounts

Target any person in target accounts by:

  • Employee Size, Revenue, Industry, Geography, Named Account List, Sales Territory

Target within Buying Center

Target any person in key departments by:

  • Funnel Stage, Readiness Score, Opportunity Score, Deal Type, Department

Target within Stakeholders

Target specific stakeholders by:

  • Email Contact, Buying Center, Title, Persona, Unknown Visitor Behavior, Content Interest, Campaign Response

Account Score

Scoring accounts by purchase intent is measured by account score. Account score tracks collective digital body language and purchase interest of stakeholders in target accounts.

Track outbound activity like account based advertising, emails, and sales plays.  Track inbound activity like web channels, webinars, and ebook reads.

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