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Aquicore increased stakeholder impressions by 3x 

Aquicore needed a way to keep their solution top of mind to key stakeholders during proposal stage. To engage more stakeholders, they used account based advertising to reach them. When using the same budget they had for traditional display ads, their account based ads increased their stakeholder impressions by 3x. 


ABM Case Study

About the Company

Aquicore combines cutting edge software with advanced metering and submetering for a complete solution that saves energy and improves operations.

They target organizations that manage buildings. Their clients include commercial real estate developers like Vornado and Cushman & Wakefield, or companies who manage their own buildings like Salesforce and Under Armour.

“With ABM, we can engage more stakeholders during the sales process”

Brendon O'Donovan

VP Marketing, Aquicore

Aquicore’s ABM Problem

The decision to purchase utility efficiency software can take many months and involve multiple stakeholders. Aquicore needed 1:1 account targeting to scale for their largest and smallest deals.

Triblio’s ABM Solution

Aquicore used Triblio to conduct 1:1 account targeting at scale. Aquicore advertises only to stakeholders in accounts in an active sales opportunity. Account based advertising keeps stakeholders engaged throughout the sales process.

Account Based Advertising

Aquicore had reached the request for proposal (RFPs) stage for an enterprise account that owned and managed an $81B real estate portfolio. RFPs for big deals can take months, and Aquicore wanted key stakeholders to constantly have their energy management solution top of mind. They had the emails of 70 stakeholders, but they knew there were hidden stakeholders.

Was email and sales outreach enough?

Thanks to ABM, they could also advertise and get a leg up on the competition

They launched their first ABM campaign by targeting stakeholders in a single account with account based advertising. The audience was created using the first party data from their email contacts and third party data to reach the anonymous stakeholders in the buying centers.

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