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The best content marketers are committed to achieving personal development, self-improvement and they’re constantly looking for ways to invest in themselves with self-education. Does that describe you? If you fall into this category of driven content marketers then you already know how challenging it is to stay up to date with the rapid changes that are happening in our field. That’s why it’s key for us marketers to keep our fingers on the pulse of content marketing, social media and lead generation by attending conferences and webinars, reading the latest books by the top thought-leaders and listening to marketing podcasts. If you like learning from the best of the best and enjoy listening to podcasts then you’ll definitely love the new B2B marketing podcast that we just launched. Check it out:

The B2B Content Marketing Leaders Podcast

Triblio is committed to providing the highest quality content that is relevant and valuable to the B2B marketer. Nobody knows the challenges, aspirations, success and failures better than B2B marketers and that’s why our podcast is focuses on speaking directly with the leaders in the industry. The B2B Content Marketing Leaders series consists of personal interviews with the top leaders in the B2B space, you’ll hear directly from Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Directors, Content Marketing Managers and other executives behind breakthrough B2B brands like DocuSign, DemandBase, Brainshark, LinkedIn, Siteworx, SalesLoft, RingLead and many more.

The weekly series will tackle tough questions about the future of B2B content marketing, emerging trends, content strategies, content marketing success and failures, content marketing tools and lots more. You can count on these B2B content marketing leaders to share valuable insights that will truly transform your content marketing efforts and keep you on top of the freshest ideas for effective B2B content marketing.

Click below and listen to the intro of this new podcast to learn if it’s a good fit for you.