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 How Marketing Can Use Predictive Orchestration to Win the Best Deals

 ABM: Get Radical but Stay Practical

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Session Descriptions

How Marketing Can Use Predictive Orchestration to Win the Best Deals

We’re all facing challenging market conditions. As B2B marketers, how do we continue to feed the sales pipeline with the best accounts? Predictive orchestration uses intent and other account data to help marketing and sales teams scale unified, cross-channel campaigns. This presentation will show you how high-performing ABM practitioners use predictive orchestration to target and win high-fit, high-intent accounts.

Andrew Mahr
Chief Customer Officer, Triblio
Tuesday, Oct 27th at 1pm ET
30 minutes

ABM: Get Radical but Stay Practical

Account-based marketing (ABM) can be transformational to an organization’s go-to-market strategy—when it’s done right. How do you push the limits of your revenue engine without taking on a project that’s too big to swallow? Quadrotech’s CMO Nigel Williams, a seasoned B2B marketing practitioner, has successfully led the company’s transition to ABM.

Along the way, he’s studied the mechanics behind creating a revenue-generating program that works for both sales and marketing. In this session, Nigel will be sharing more on his ABM journey as well as expert advice on how to:

  • Optimize cross-channel campaigns
  • Operationalize intent and engagement data
  • Increase sales adoption of ABM programs

Nigel Williams
CMO at Quadrotech
Wednesday, Oct 28th at 3:30pm ET
30 minutes

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