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There’s a battle raging in the world of content marketing. More and more companies are investing in content creation and the competition for the consumer’s attention is fiercer than ever. In order to gain engagement from your target audience, you have to deliver a content experience that is highly relevant and valuable….and a blog simply won’t cut it. That’s why there’s been a lot of buzz growing around content hubs and the benefits that this type of content experience provides for both the prospect and the business. If you haven’t heard of a content hub or are only vaguely familiar with the concept, let me explain. A content hub centralizes all of your content into a one-stop shop for visitors. A hub can be implemented into marketing campaigns that combine lead generation with lead nurturing, and it can increase the value of your investment in content development.

American Express Open Forum Content Hub

The American Express Open Forum is a great example of an effective content hub

Here are 6 C’s on the benefits of content hubs:


A content hub centralizes your blog posts, social media, videos, white papers and other content into a single destination that provides a more interactive and valuable experience to your website visitors. They don’t have to go searching for a content piece, as a hub presents everything they could want in one place.


A content hub allows you to better control your content and the visitor experience. When you send traffic to Twitter, Facebook or a website that’s not yours you lose the ability to track and control the experience. A content hub lets you include social media on your website, while allowing you to control and tailor the experience according to your desires and goals.


A content hub allows you to provide context around your content. You can highlight your brand’s official content around a particular product, while including third party articles about the same product. This type of context helps add credibility and third party endorsements while keeping visitors on your site.


Content hubs increase conversions by keeping visitors longer on your site and featuring content that’s valuable to them. As website visitors consume your content, a hub will allow you to feature optimized progressive profiling, pop-ups and gated or contextual call-to-actions (CTAs). Showing the right content and CTA, to the right person at the right time will increase your lead conversion rates.


Content hubs with built-in content curation let you add third party commentary to your branded content that serves to strengthen your brand’s voice. If your curated content cuts through the noise and brings clarity, then it will help build trust and be seens as thought leadership that will have your visitors coming back for more.

Content Amplification

Content hubs amplify your content by making it easy to share the content via social media. Built in social sharing buttons give your visitors the ability to share your content and customize messages with one click. A content hub also provides detailed analytics reports that let you know which of your content is more social friendly and getting higher engagement allowing you to promote the appropriate content to increase overall amplification.

In summary a content hub can be used to:

  •  Increase website traffic
  •  Increase the time visitors spend on your website
  •  Increase brand awareness
  •  Establish thought leadership
  •  Increase social sharing
  •  Increase leads and lead conversion
  •  Shorten the buyer’s journey

Still not convinced? Check out these seven content hub case studies:

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