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I think we can all agree that the first half of 2020 was unlike any other. As we enter the second half of the year, we thought we’d share some highlights from the last few months. As a company, we’ve celebrated big life events with teammates (babies, engagements, etc.) as well as a major M&A news drop (more on that below). So for today’s blog post, join us in taking a walk down memory lane. 

Ask an ABM Expert Season One 

The new year brought many exciting things, one of which was the launch of our Ask an ABM Expert video series. Season one features 10 bite-sized videos that offer practical advice to marketers. Each episode answers a commonly-asked question such as, “Why shift from a leads-based model to ABM?” and “How do you make the case for ABM to your CEO?” Triblio’s Chief Customer Officer Andrew Mahr, along with industry analysts and real-world practitioners, shared their knowledge on how to execute successful account-based marketing. You can catch season 1 here and read our synopsis of the season here.

Triblio at B2BMX

Back in February (wow that seems like such a long time ago), the Triblio Tribe made its way to Phoenix, Arizona to attend B2BMX20. What is usually the kick-off to marketing events season actually ended up being the last physical event of H1. 

We had a jam-packed schedule, from live recordings of “Ask an ABM Expert” with the DGR team to a Lunch & Learn session about leveraging intent data. We even teamed up with our friends over at Gigster to present a case study on how the company used Triblio to pivot its go-to-market strategy, moving upmarket from SMBs and mid-market accounts to large enterprises. You can get access to that presentation here.

ABM Webinars

After B2BMX, in-person events were no longer. That included our typical Real World ABM tour. Because the Triblio team wanted to continue to provide ABM resources, we pivoted our strategy and churned out a few webinars in the first half of 2020. 

  • Content Can’t Be King Without ABM Personalization – We partnered with Forrester’s (formally SirusDecisions) Bob Peterson to discuss how marketers can maximize the power of good content for pipeline and revenue impact with account-based campaigns. 
  • Crawl, Walk, Run with ABM to $10M in Pipeline – While we missed seeing you all at the Forrester-SiriusDecisions Summit this year, we were excited to present at the virtual event in May. Our client Blue Yonder, formerly JDA, shared how a holistic account-based advertising campaign helped the team generate $10M in pipeline. 
  • How ABM Can Elevate Customer Retention and Drive Upsell – As a part of DGR’s Content Optimization Series, our CEO Andre Yee wanted to address how marketers can help businesses strengthen their customer base during an economic downturn.

Introducing TableTalks

As a company, we’re committed to building up a strong user community. Back in March, we launched Triblio TableTalks to bring customers together during a period of social distancing. We’ve loved having this chance to connect with customers on a bi-weekly basis, and we plan to continue these virtual user groups even as many states begin to open up. 

Some of the topics we’ve covered are:

  • How to Measure Success with Account-based KPIs
  • How to Activate Sales
  • ABM Tactics for Customer Marketing
  • 3 Key Plays to Master 1:1 ABM
  • Proven tactics with Intent Data 

We’ve had some great conversations with customers, and we’re proud to be working with some of the smartest, most innovative marketers around.

ABM Office Hours 

In a time where our community is experiencing strategy overhauls, resource cuts, and pressure to do more with less, our Chief Customer Officer, Andrew Mahr, wanted to do more to help. Last month Andrew launched open office hours allowing marketers to schedule time with him to chat about all things ABM. Andrew, Andre, and the rest of our leadership team has been in B2B marketing for a long time. They have a lot to offer, and we love that they want to give back to the martech community and be a resource to marketers everywhere. 

Triblio Merges with IDG

To close out the first half of the year, we announced Triblio’s merger with IDG, bringing together our leading ABM execution platform with IDG’s premium data and content. The union signals the future of B2B marketing  – a world where marketers can combine the power of technology, big data, and global media. 

In his letter to customers, Andre Yee, Triblio’s CEO, shares why this is good news for B2B marketers everywhere. Andre has been in martech since his early days leading product development at Eloqua, and if he’s excited for what’s to come, we are too!