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Boost Sales Conversions

Drive business alongside your entire sales team

Account based marketing enables marketers to focus on creating pipeline and revenue growth. Instead of optimizing for leads, marketers can make an impact on both the marketing funnel and the sales funnel. ABM helps marketers work with sales to interact with stakeholders at every stage of the purchase journey.

Successfully boosting sales conversions requires you to think about how sales is organized, the specific reps you’ll be working with, and their account territories. Different ABM campaigns and tactics are used for teleprospecting reps (SDR/MDR/BDR) vs. account executives or outside reps. Teleprospecting reps are typically assigned dozens or hundreds of accounts and need to figure out who they should speak to first. AEs are responsible for fewer accounts and focus on closing sales.

How clients use Triblio to boost sales conversions

Use account score to trigger account specific sales plays for SDRs to convert MQLs to sales meetings

Personalize the web experience to align with sales outbounding and account insights research

Reach decision makers identified in CRM to accelerate pipeline

Prioritize account follow up based on purchase intent

Identify interested content topics for sales conversations

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