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In today’s episode of Triblio’s B2B marketing podcast we interview BrightTALK’s Senior Marketing Manager: Kaitlin Stich

Based in San Francisco, BrightTALK is a technology media company that provides professional webinar and video solutions to a variety of industries. BrightTALK was founded in 2002 by Paul Heald and Charlie Blackburn.

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How have you seen the buyer’s journey change over the past few years?

66% to 70% of buyers are into the education process before they even reach out to a company. Some brands are more aggressive and predict that it’s high as 90% because of the growth of mobile and social technologies.

People are really more connected than they’ve ever been and they are less concerned about the way brands are interacting with them and more concerned about the quality of the content.

Buyers are more influenced by family, friends and industry thought leaders than they’ve ever been before.” -Kaitlin Stich, Marketing Manager @ BrightTALK (TWEET THIS)

Kaitlin believe that it’s up to brands to figure out this magic equation between finding the right influencers to connect with, the right quality of content and then to place that content where buyers are consuming this content.


 How important are webinars and videos to the modern B2B marketer?

Webinars and videos are extremely important because they offer that mix that modern marketers are looking for. Kaitlin says:

The quality of content is so important in the buyer’s journey that people are looking for those richer experiences and webinars and videos just provide that.” -Kaitlin Stich, Marketing Manager @ BrightTalk (TWEET THIS)

Webinars allow you to influence the audience based on what they see and what they hear and how they interact with the presenter. The rich data available through webinars also provides better quality information for lead scoring that other pieces of content can’t do. Lastly, webinars and videos can be used at every stage of the funnel and when strategically leveraged can help you collect the right data that modern marketers need to close deals faster.


How important is storytelling for B2B marketers?

Storytelling has been how humans have chosen to communicate since the beginning of communication.

People are looking for context and that’s the biggest part of storytelling.” – Kaitlin Stich, Marketing Manager @ BrightTALK (TWEET THIS)

Kaitlin recommends asking yourself: “How is my website helping me in tell a story?” Content personalization can be a great way to do this and technology that you might want to leverage if your goal is to be able to tell a better story.


How have you leveraged influencers to reach your content marketing goals?

BrightTALK couldn’t have gotten as far without the influencers. BrightTALK influencers have been able to tell really excellent chock full of information stories to their own audiences. Kaitlin recommends having a plan in mind when you reach out to influencers. Know exactly what you’re asking of them and tell them what you can do for them. Constantly reach out and find ways to work with more influencers within your business.

True influencers are the ones that are really out there just to share information, engage with others, and push that conversation forward, so that everyone does a better job at their jobs, that’s what makes a true influencer. Influencer strategies are not short term, it’s something that’s built over time for the purpose of sharing genuine true stories.


What do you see on the horizon for content marketing?

Kaitlin predicts that:

Content marketing will continue to get richer regardless of whether it’s a webinar, a video.” – Kaitlin Stich, Marketing Manager @ BrightTALK (CLICK TO TWEET)

Video is going to be very popular in 2015 or some other mixed webinar video type asset or even something for virtual events. Marketing channels will also start converging together in order to truly run an integrated marketing campaign. It really doesn’t matter what channel you pick, it just matters that your story is connected in a way that makes sense.

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