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Apple iPhone
Apple is brilliant at marketing in addition to creating great products. They leak news to generate buzz and awareness. They are the masters of unveiling surprises at their big event. Now, I think they are the masters of expectations.

I’ve been following Apple’s marketing tactics in August. I thought it was smart that they “leaked” very early the possibility of removing the headphone jack from the new iPhone to get the bad news out before the launch. It’s human nature to focus on something that is taen away especially when it is universally used and is working well. We just cleaned our kids rooms for back to schools, and we told them that a few stuffed animals that we found hidden behind furniture would be donated. Minor meltdown. Better for the rants to occur before the official product launch to anticipate objections, remove focus on what’s taken away, and lower expectations.

Here’s my 3 days before September 7th prediction:

If headphone jack is removed from the iPhone, then Apple will announce something exciting and futuristic about the iTunes, Apple music, or auddio accessories ecosystem that will outshine the bad news. I don’t know what the specifics are, but I do know that Apple fans will be raving instead of focusing on headphone jackless phone. When the announcement comes either tomorrow or next year, the bad news will already be out, and the good news will be the story.