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Clarabridge influenced $24m in pipeline revenue using ABM

Clarabridge had too many low-quality leads using the leads funnel. With Triblio’s ABM solution, Clarabridge was able to grow conversions in their target accounts and enabled their sales representatives to better reach their newly defined verticals.


ABM Case Study

About the Company

Clarabridge is a customer experience management software company based in Reston, VA. 

“Stronger conversions, faster pipeline”

Carrie Carroll

Sr. Director of Brand and Design, Clarabridge

Clarabridge’s ABM Problem

Clarabridge needed a way to acquire key accounts. They were using a lead funnel, but they were getting too many low-quality leads.

They decided they needed to focus marketing on target account segments that had the potential to generate the most revenue instead of leads. Before ABM, Clarabridge hadn’t even defined their verticals, let alone run specific programs targeting them.

Triblio’s ABM Solution

Clarabridge used Triblio to define and segment their audiences based on key verticals. They used web personalization to dynamically present these different audiences different homepage messaging and content recommendations

Web Personalization

Clarabridge created two account segments, finance and health care industries, that fit their ideal customer profile (ICP), were easy to identify by NAIC code, and tended to close at a faster rate.

They used Triblio to personalize their website so that whenever someone from the healthcare industry visited, they only saw messaging and imagery related to healthcare. Anyone from the finance and retail banking industry only saw messaging and imagery related to their field as well. 

Personalized Content Recommendations

Clarabridge’s marketing team adapted existing content and campaigns to target these two industries. They prepared a special playbook for their sales team for these two segments consisting of whitepapers and sales telescripts.

When a target account visited the website, they dynamically customized the content for known and unknown visitors to those two segments. They reported to their sales team whenever a target account visited the website to trigger sales outbounding.

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