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I’ve searched the web high and low to compile this collection of 40 beautiful content hub examples that I think you’ll love. Many B2B brands and B2C brands have started to use a content hub to better engage visitors as well as a better alternative to a typical blog, resource center or newsroom. Multiple case studies have already proven that optimized content hubs help increase awareness, time spent on the website and lead conversions…and what marketer doesn’t want that?

But What Exactly is a Content Hub?

A Content Hub is the idea of centralizing content into a one-stop shop for website visitors. A Content Hub can host branded content, curated content, social media content, user generated content, videos, documents and even lead forms. A Content Hub allows a brand to tie together disparate content into a more cohesive presentation with more context, control and analytics. A Content Hub is often implemented into marketing campaigns that combines lead generation with lead nurturing to gain optimal value from branded content. Request a free Triblio demo if you want to learn more about the importance and benefits of a content hub or click to see the six key benefits of having a content hub.

Here are 10 of my favorite branded content hub examples:

10) Txchnologist by GE

Txchnologist is an content hub created in partnership with GE. The Txchnologist hub shares content related to the great challenges of industry, technology and ingenuity. They post content that examines ideas that will shape societies, from the developing world to our frenetic and growing cities.

GE Content Hub

9) GQ

The Condé Nast owned publication, GQ showcases it’s content in a beautiful interactive hub. GQ consistently shares content about success, style, fashion and has a provocative mix of great writing & strong visuals.

GQ Content Hub

8) REI Co-op Journal

The REI Co-op Journal is a collection of “stories of a life outdoors”. The photos and videos are breathtaking and really make me wish that I was outside with them. The member portraits are both inspirational and aspirational.

7) SmallBiz Ahead by The Hartford Financial Services

Small Biz Ahead is a content hub created by The Hartford Financial Services that shares content targeted for small business owners. Small Biz Ahead curates content from relevant, well-known publishers and combines it with their own branded content. They cover stories about talent management, technology & innovation, and risk management.

6) Design School by Canva

Canva’s Design School brings daily design articles, interactive tutorials, and awesome tips to designers everywhere. As fitting of a design school, the photos for each of their content pieces are dynamic and visually interesting. After all, you wouldn’t take tips from a design school that didn’t have beautiful looking design.

5) Think With Google

It makes sense that Google would have one of the best content hubs around. Think with Google shares trends and insights into marketing world for B2B and B2C marketers everywhere. Their content is top-notch, and the reports are outstanding.

4) CMO.com by Adobe

CMO.com is the go-to source for marketing leaders everywhere. With Adobe acquired and revamped CMO.com, they’ve firmly established themselves as thought leaders in the marketing technology space.

3) The Red Bulletin

The Red Bulletin by Redbull is a lifestyle magazine that featuries the stories of inspirational people doing amazing things. Their content hub shows excellent examples of gripping copy and awe-inspiring imagery.

2) IQ by Intel

Intel curates content on the topics of technology, media, life and the planet. They combine featured stories, trending stories and social content that uses the #IQ hashtag. The content hub is optimized for social sharing and is updated with content frequently.

1) Triblio

I’m biased but I love our Triblio Content Board and I think you will too. Here at Triblio, we share only the best content about account based marketing.

There are a ton more great examples of content hubs, check out our SlideShare below with 30 more content hub examples: