How ABM Can Elevate Customer Retention and Drive Upsell

Demand Gen Report | Content Optimization Series 2020

Meet the Speaker

Your customers should always be your top priority, and that’s especially true in today’s business climate. How well a company retains and delights their customers is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a question of survival. So, what can marketers do to improve customer experience?

Despite popular opinion, account-based marketing isn’t just about new business acquisition. ABM can and should be used to elevate the customer experience, boost retention and drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Join Triblio’s CEO, Andre Yee, to learn:

  • Specific tactics and best practices in customer-centric ABM
  • How to surface actionable insights to craft attention-grabbing campaigns
  • How to prove to your customers that you’re invested in their success

Meet the Speaker

Andre Yee

Chief Executive Officer

Andre Yee is the Founder and CEO of Triblio. He has numerous years of experience with an outstanding record of growing successful software companies. Most recently, he was the SVP Product Development for Eloqua, responsible for product development and operations. At Eloqua, he was part of the executive team responsible for leading Eloqua to an IPO and a $957M acquisition by Oracle. Prior to Eloqua, he was CEO of NFR Security, which he successfully led to growth and exit to Checkpoint Software.