ABM Campaigns in a Post-Cookie World

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Triblio’s CEO Andre Yee

With the end of third-party cookies next year, many are wondering how this change will affect the future of their ABM programs — in particular, ABM advertising campaigns.

In this session, Triblio Founder Andre Yee will cover how ABM leverages third-party cookies today and how it will be affected by this change. We want to prepare marketers by discussing what steps they should be taking this year to “future-proof” their ABM programs.

Join us as we discuss ABM in a “post-cookie” world and how to prepare your ABM campaigns to yield the best results in the future. You will learn:

  • How ABM advertising currently works and its dependency on third-party cookies;
  • The promising industry initiatives and emerging technologies on the horizon; and
  • How ABM campaigns should be designed in the post-cookie future to yield the best results.

Meet the Speaker

Andre Yee

Chief Executive Officer, Triblio

Andre Yee is the Founder and CEO of Triblio. He has numerous years of experience with an outstanding record of growing successful software companies. Most recently, he was the SVP Product Development for Eloqua, responsible for product development and operations. At Eloqua, he was part of the executive team responsible for leading Eloqua to an IPO and a $957M acquisition by Oracle. Prior to Eloqua, he was CEO of NFR Security, which he successfully led to growth and exit to Checkpoint Software.