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Docusign's Meagen Eisenberg

Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Marketing @ DocuSign

Megan Eisenberg is a well respected leader, a renowned marketing visionary and the VP of Marketing and Customer Acquisition at DocuSign. In less than 4 years she’s helped DocuSign grow from a 150-person company to 1200 people. She’s seen by many as a master of B2B marketing and is often invited to speak on panels, conferences and currently sits on the board for Mintigo, Insightpool and Accompani. In this podcast, Megan shares first hand insight of best practice B2B marketing strategies and tactics.

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What is a content audit and what’s involved?

A content audit is really important, especially when you first start a new marketing leadership position. You do an audit to better understand what content assets are available, how they’re being used, what’s working and to discover the content gaps.

Using an excel spreadsheet you can map out the different stages of the buyer’s journey and the current content you have available for those stages, where there are empty slots, you now know what type of content you should start creating. Another piece of the audit is involves the sales team. Reach out to sales and find out about the content that they are using on a day to day basis and what they find valuable.

What’s your process for building buyer personas, what questions do you ask?

“It’s so important that we understand the buyer as what they’re thinking, what their goals are, what their questions will be and what their objections will be” – Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Marketing @ DocuSign (CLICK TO TWEET)

In the early stages our personas have problem they’re dealing with and they’re trying to discover and learn more about different solutions available. As they progress, they evaluate and then convert on a trial. DocuSign looks at this buying journey and asks:

What are the goals that the person has? Why are they going on this journey? What are the questions they might have that we need to answer? How are people using the product? What are their objections? Where do they go to digest the information? Who are they influenced by? Are they intrigued? How are they reacting to our messaging? Where are they? Are just some of the questions that you should be asking.

Understand your stages and talk to your customers to get a better sense of your personas and what matters to them.

How do measure if your content marketing is working?

Look at traffic,downloads, open rates, click thrus, lead conversions etc..
But the most important thing to measure is revenue. DocuSign monitors content campaigns all the way to close to see how content has actually influenced revenue, by how much and how many opportunities? Only then, can we rank content and know what’s working.

How do we get prospects from the middle part of the funnel to the next stage?

Nurture programs with rich content is essential to get prospects moving through your buying funnel. Understand who’s in the funnel and why are they there? The more information you can get from these stuck prospects, the better job you can do to tailor the right marketing message to them. In the early stages, teach them, in the middle stages, help them evaluate and always make sure you’re delivering the right content at the right time to accelerate your pipeline.

How closely should marketing work with sales?

“The success of all marketing departments is the relationship that they have with sales.” – Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Marketing @ DocuSign (CLICK TO TWEET)

Meagen made building the relationship between marketing and sales a priority when she started at DocuSign. Her ongoing open dialogue with sales, gave her a better understanding of the leads, the definitions of the different stages, understanding what content they had that was working, what wasn’t working, what they needed, lead scoring, prospect responses and lots more.

What are the tools in your toolbox?

  •  Eloqua
  •  Influitive
  •  Salesforce
  •  The Oracle Marketing Cloud
  •  Demandbase
  •  LookBookHQ
  •  Insightpool

Eloqua, Influitive, Insightpool are some of the tools that are in DocuSign’s toolbox  (CLICK TO TWEET)

What’s your content marketing prediction for 2015?

Meagen predicts huge growth in the area of predictive analytics and capabilities. Her take is that “…being able to have the technology that monitors people’s activities and interests and how they responded in the past in order to map the right content” will be the big thing in 2015 for content marketing.

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