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Marketers put lots of time and thought into personalizing their email campaign content, so why let the personalization end as soon as the customer is hooked?

Learn how users of the DC Eloqua Users Group use personalization

Keep your customer hooked as they continue to the website by personalizing web campaigns along with email campaigns. Marketers see a 20% increase of sales when customers use personalized web campaigns and personalized CTAs have a 42% higher conversion rate compared to generic CTAs.

Understand the ROI of Web Personalization

Triblio offers a way to maintain the personalization by linking Oracle|Eloqua segments to your website. Oracle|Eloqua software creates digital profiles and content for interest-specific email campaigns for prospects and customers. Triblio expands on this lead nurturing capability by extending marketing automation campaigns to your website.

If you nurture a lead with the perfect message and CTA in an email campaign, they will go to your website to find out more information. But if that lead visits your website they will likely be confused with offers, solutions, and messaging that is inconsistent with the customized lead nurturing email campaign you carefully planned. As a marketer, why spend all that time delivering the right message and offer at the right time via an email campaign only to drop customization when the lead visits the web?

Keeping web personalization consistent with email campaigns is simple:

  1. Install the Triblio app in your Oracle|Eloqua instance, then return to the Triblio software and create a web personalization campaign.
  2. In the Triblio app, choose Oracle|Eloqua segments. Select segments that define firmagraphic type, funnel stage, product interest, or Oracle|Eloqua campaign ID.
  3. Upload content or messaging for the campaign. Choose similar content, messaging, or CTA targeting to specific Eloqua segments.
  4. Finally, decide the website location. Personalization can be for a HERO banner, featured content item, or an overlay card.