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In today’s episode of Triblio’s B2B marketing podcast we interview the VP of Content Marketing of EnVeritas Group: Joseph Hall

Enveritas Group LogoEnVeritas Group is an award winning content marketing agency. They offer content marketing and digital solutions and employee an international network of writers, editors, designers, social media coordinators and project managers. Some of EnVeritas Group’s clients include: Marriott, IHG, Fairmont, American Express, Land O’Lakes and AOL.com. As the VP of Content Marketing at EnVeritas Group, Joseph oversees operations, strategy, project execution for the agency’s North-America-based clients, he’s been with the agency since it’s inception in 2008.

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What’s your process for building a content strategy or dumping a client’s existing content strategy?

In the beginning, telling a client to scratch their existing content strategy can be a difficult conversation to have, but you become more confident in telling them when you accumulate experience, expertise and a proven track record. However no matter how difficult that conversation is having, it’s imperative that you talk to your clients very candidly about it because your reputation is on the line.

In order to build a great content strategy it’s important to know who you’re producing it for and it’s probably not the client, it’s for the end user. So therefore we want to know as much as possible about the end user. Some of the questions that we ask are:

  •  What are their pain points?
  •  What are they looking for?
  •  What information do they need?
  •  How do they look for that information?
  •  What do they do when they find it?
  •  What does the client want those end users to do?

The more you can understand the audience, their needs, their info consumption patterns, their online tendencies, the better content strategy you can build.

Everything is audience-focused. It’s audience first, audience always. If we lose sight of that, then we’re not building a strategy.” – Joseph Hall, VP of Content Marketing @ EnVeritas Group (TWEET THIS)

Any tool recommendations for staying organized?

The most important tools are experience and brain power. EnVeritas has also developed a proprietary content management system that allows them to scale up on projects as needed and involve as many contributors as needed across the world.

Tools they frequently use include: Basecamp, Dropbox, HootSuite, Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Moz Analytics.

Who is your ideal client?

Joseph says “I love all of our clients and would love to have more work from all of them.” but he admits that the clients that are ideal for him are brands that aren’t afraid to to take risks and push the boundaries a bit even at the risk of failure or offending the public. Brands that he mentioned wanting to work with were: Coca-Cola, BMW & Reebok

How can you make your content stand out?

The only way that you can make your content stand out is to make sure that the content is always audience-focused and truly authentic.” – Joseph Hall, VP of Content Marketing @ EnVeritas Group (TWEET THIS)

People can detect authenticity and if you’re not coming across as real they will move on and block out the message of your content. You can’t always make your content stand out with everyone, but you could make it stand out with the people that matter and that alone becomes very valuable to a brand.

How do you measure the success of your content?

You can look at search rankings, pageviews, purchase metrics, macro conversions and all of that but the issue is that those are just numbers. Poor metrics thrown up in snazzy presentation deck that can give a false impression that what you’re looking at is award-winning when in reality it’s far from it.

One company’s metric is not important to another company. Joseph believes that there is not one cookie cutter answer for this question.

What’s most important to your audience should be most important to your brand.” – Joseph Hall, VP of Content Marketing @ EnVeritas Group (TWEET THIS)


What attributes do the most successful content marketers seem to share?

Excellent listening skills is extremely important to becoming a successful content marketer.

How do you stay up-to-date with changes in this fast-paced marketing world?

Read blogs, books, articles every single day and attend a couple of different conferences every year. EnVeritas also designates individual team members to present once a month at team meetings on different content-related topics.