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FinancialForce drives event meetings using account based advertising

FinancialForce’s product has many different use cases for many different segments. They needed a way to run ABM without disrupting their demand generation machine.


ABM Case Study

About the Company

FinancialForce is a cloud ERP solution backed by Salesforce built for SalesForce’s Force.com. Its ERP is customized for many different use cases such as accounting, billing, professional services automation (PSA), revenue recognition, human capital management (HCM), and supply chain management (SCM).

Olapic ABM Case Study

FinancialForce’s ABM Problem

FinancialForce needed an ABM platform to communicate all their different solutions to target accounts across different geos and buyer stages.

They wanted to start an ABM program without disrupting their high performing demand generation machine.

Triblio’s ABM Solution

FinancialForce combines account based advertising and web personalization to reinforce their marketing messaging across all channels.

Web Campaigns Targeted by Industry and Geography

FinancialForce creates web campaigns based on target industry vertical, geographic location, and buyer stage. Custom offers and CTAs are tailored to each account segment.

FinancialForce changes home page messaging and creative, video testimonials, and CTAs to match each relevant segment.

Driving Meetings with

Account Based Advertising

To promote meetings at events, FinancialForce pushes targeted display advertising to a highly specific list of target attendees. These ads link directly to a landing page, where they can schedule a meeting. FinancialForce also integrates the same imagery and messaging as their display ads on their home page to further boost meeting attendance.

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