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In today’s episode of Triblo’s B2B Content Marketing Podcast we meet Adam Wexler. Adam Wexler is a serial entrepreneur, growth hacker, writer and a popular speaker. He’s also the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Insightpool.

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Insightpool is marketing software is already being used by brands like Coca Cola, The Home Depot, DocuSign, Famous Footwear, UPS, Cox, Influtive and many more. Insightpool’s technology helps you identify and engage with new influencers and prospects in a personalized approach that is proven to increase engagement and lead conversions. DocuSign used Insightpool to identify and nurture the right influential people, this led to:

  •  500+ more webinar registrations than ever before
  •  4x increase in web traffic to their webinar registration page
  •  7x Increase in engagement

Listen to this episode as Adam shares valuable lessons and insight into his success:


What’s growth hacking?

A growth hacker looks at what’s in front of them and figures out what they need to focus on. Growth hacking is knowing how to combine data with intuition in creative ways in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

Growth hacking is knowing how to combine data with intuition in creative ways in order to achieve the desired outcomes.” – Adam Wexler, Founder of Insightpool (CLICK TO TWEET)

What was the biggest lessons you learned in 2014?

As Insightpool faced customer churn it had to focus on why and how to prevent it. They realized that a lot of it had to do with the fact that as much as their clients loved the Insightpool platform and what it can deliver, if they didn’t make the time to actually log in and use the technology, they wouldn’t get results. So Adam proposed building a client services team. This change has helped them retain and grow clients and has been essential to their success in 2014.

What are the biggest mistakes B2B organizations are making with social media?

Many social marketers are spending a lot of time and energy crafting that optimal tweet and making sure it goes out at the optimal time and A-B testing the copy to push it out in front of hundreds of thousands if not millions of fans and followers but only end up producing minimal results. Instead companies should be looking at driving content towards the people that are going to have the greatest interest in it and ensure that they actually catch wind of this content.

To do this you have to first identify those audience segments that are going to be most receptive, then build a connection using content in a highly personalized fashion to make sure that they feel valued by the brand.

What are the most effective marketing tactics that you’ve seen this past year?

The focus in 2013 was about impressions, 2014 was about engagement, 2015 will be about focusing on the hard business results.”  – Adam Wexler, Founder of Insightpool (CLICK TO TWEET)

Adam believes that engagement really doesn’t do much to impact the bottom line, there’s a much larger story to tell and many marketers are forgetting that.

What’s next for social media?

I’m extremely bullish on Snapchat” – Adam Wexler, Founder of Insightpool (CLICK TO TWEET)

Adam is extremely bullish of Snapchat especially after they introduced Snapchat stories. He also likes Yik Yak and believes it’s going to be a platform to be reckoned with in 2015. Adam also sees lots of growth with messaging apps. Some believe that messaging apps are actually more popular than a lot of the social media platforms, so that will be an interesting trend to keep up with.