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Intent Data

Discover the best accounts to target, and reach them before the competition.

What is intent data?

Intent data refers to any signal that shows that a buyer is in market to purchase your products. There are two forms of intent, both critical to optimizing your ABM program to win deals.

1st Party
Buying signals from across all your sales and marketing tools, such as unmasked website activity, leads matched to accounts, sales engagement in CRm, and others. Best for highly accurate views of bottom-funnel activity and reaching large buying groups.
3rd Party
Research and buying activity that occurs on channels and properties owned by others, such as product review websites, Google searches, analyst white papers, event attendance, video views, and more. Best for early-stage views of possible buyers and reaching leads early in the decision process.

Why use Triblio Intent Data?

Built-in activation. While most intent buyers say their top challenge is activating the data, Triblio comes with turnkey activation ops built in for any channel or funnel stage.

Premium quality. Triblio’s proprietary SmartScore algorithm combines first and third party data to form to rank every account on its relative interest levels, while our competitors’ focus on pure volume is biased to detect only large accounts in certain industries.

GDPR ready. Most intent solutions do not scale outside the US because they were built on technologies that do not gather consent. Triblio’s data is all 100% GDPR compliant.

Coming 2021: exclusive IDG data.Triblio SmartScore will have exclusive access to intent data signals from IDG’s global media network, the largest in B2B.

Triblio’s intent data allows you to:

  • Orchestrate cross channel campaigns with unified messaging
  • Precisely segment accounts based on buyer signals
  • Find accounts before they reach your pipeline