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What is Lead Generation?

Attract & convert in-target prospects for your B2B solution. 

Lead generation is the process by which you nurture and warm an anonymous visitor to contact you directly and begin the buying journey. It’s traditionally how B2B organizations run their selling process. Lead generation focuses on the capturing of leads (usually by the form of email opt-in or form fill), qualifying those leads, initiating the sales process, and hopefully closing with a sale. 

While the quantity of leads is important, the quality of generated leads is more significant. After all, there’s no point in generating mass quantities of leads if they aren’t in-target. 

“ABM transformed our demand”

Jennifer Dimas

VP Integrated Marketing, Plex Systems

Who needs lead generation?

Lead gen is essential for all B2B organizations because, with no leads, there can be no sales or revenue. That being said, buyers are getting smarter and their ever-changing behaviors in the buying process requires new tactics and strategies for effective lead gen.

Quality lead gen tactics at the top of the funnel (TOFU) ensure that less time and money is spent further down the funnel. In a perfect world, the leads passed to sales organizations by their marketing teams are always in-target and ready for a sales conversation. 


Lead Generation is for: 

  • Marketers that want to pass on not just a lot of leads, but in-target, qualified leads whose problems fit their company’s solution
  • Account executives that want to waste no time in getting into their selling process and close more sales faster
  • Sales representatives that want to focus their nurturing tactics and campaigns to the right leads at the right time
  • Organizations that want to increase revenue and creating a more efficient and effective sales and marketing team

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