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@jhmontgomeryjr & @grantley722 discussing the @triblio Content Hub being displayed at #HUGSF14 via @davesabol

The 2014 Higher Logic Super Forum held on September 25th and 26th was a huge success and Triblio was very happy to be a part of it all. The speakers included Dan Zarrella, Sarah Robinson, Jason Jue (Triblio’s CMO), Hunter Montgomery and several other remarkable presenters that also led breakout, hand-on sessions throughout the busy two day conference.

Here’s a picture of our client proudly showing off the hub to one of the event attendees:

Besides being invited to speak at the event, Triblio also had the opportunity to work with Higher Logic on the creation of a Smart Content Hub that was used throughout the two day event to publish and share all types of awesome content, that was projected on monitors placed throughout the venue. One of those content pieces was the highlights of the presentation below:

Maximize Your Content to Boost Membership

This was a joint presentation by Hunter Montgomery, CMO at Higher Logic and Jason Jue CMO at Triblio. Below is a recap of their presentation and you can also download the slides here. Content marketing is the hot strategy in recent years. The strategy makes sense, but the challenge becomes creating relevant and actionable content. Many organizations already have plenty of content produced by community members or employees every day but did you know that you can harness this content to relieve some of the burden to produce new content? In this presentation Hunter Montgomery and Jason Jue cover proven tactics to effectively use your current content to boost membership. Every marketer can benefit from these easy-to-use content marketing tactics.

Here are 4 tips to get you started maximizing your content & boosting membership.

1) Keep premium content for your community members For example, Microsoft Dynamics requires registration to attend upcoming webinars and offers the Archived ones to members only. Maximize Your Content to Boost Membership 2) Repurpose content to different formats You can repurpose your community, crowdsourced content for website, TV ad, blog post, newsletter, magazine, ebook, and social networks

an example of how Moz repurposes content

an example of how Moz repurposes content

3) Use community sites or microsites to promote events

Navug Summit Microsite Example

An example of NAVUG using a microsite for their summit


Triblio Content Hub Higher Logic

Triblio built this Content Hub for the #HUG14 event

4) Use a Smart Content Hub to entice registrations and membership By using a Content Hub as seen below you can leverage your content and curated content to drive action. Using a content hub you can place free content next to premium content in order to drive traffic to premium content. You can also morph your public blog into your community run blog by opening it up to crowdsourcing, contributions and by making it more social sharing friendly. To maximize conversions make sure to insert multiple CTAs in free content areas and other relevant places.

 A Smart Content Hub will also allow you to:

  • Tailor existing content to the topics your audience is interested in today
  • Boost existing channels with strong calls to action for content across paid demand, email, website, sales, and social
  • Repurpose content according to buyer stage and channel
  • Dynamically serve content across corporate channels at the right time to increase conversion

Want to learn more about how a Smart Content Hub can help your business? Request a demo of Triblio today and let us show you. Click here.  If you liked this post then you should also check out Lauren Ashley Wolfe’s recap below: