Multichannel Account Nurturing

Integrate web, display, and email channels

Traditionally, marketers have used lead nurturing emails to build a relationship with one stakeholder in an account while they are in various stages of the sales funnel. With the proliferation of cross channel communication between display, web, email, and social mediums, marketers have to go beyond using one channel and one stakeholder nurturing. Combine account nurturing strategy across channels for fully immersive personalized campaigns to build a relationship with all stakeholders in prospect or customer accounts to increase sales.

Triblio connects multichannel lead nurturing campaigns:

  • Deliver specific content to different target audiences with HERO banners and content hubs
  • Seamlessly integrate display, web and email channel campaigns for consistent messaging across channels
  • Increase engagement of prospects with consistent and relevant content and offers during their buying journey
  • Personalize content shown to increase ROI of lead nurturing through segmentation, account type, persona, and pages viewed
  • Easily create and integrate account nurturing campaigns
“Triblio delivers ABM quickly”
Mike Lees

CMO, Metalogix

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