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Come One, Come All

In a time where our community is experiencing strategy overhauls, resource cuts, and pressure to do more with less, our Chief Customer Officer, Andrew Mahr, got an idea.

Next week, he’ll be launching an experiment—open office hours “to serve anyone who just needs an honest and objective discussion about what to do next with their ABM program,” as he puts it.

Andrew has spent years in the trenches with customers, and he sees these free 30-minute sessions as a way to return the favor.

Not sure what you’d talk about? Here are some of the hot topics that Andrew suggested:

  • How to rebuild targeting lists for the economic downturn
  • Options to reach prospects during WFH times
  • Feedback on existing or upcoming campaigns

Ultimately, he wants you to set the agenda and ask questions. He’s here to help with whatever your marketing and sales needs are right now.

More on Our Resident ABM Expert 

The Triblio Tribe is excited to see Andrew volunteer his time because he truly is an ABM expert.

You may remember seeing our Chief Customer Officer as the host of our video series, “Ask an ABM Expert,” and he often presents at our Real World ABM Tours, which visits dozens of cities across the country every year. His main focus has always been clear—to guide B2B marketers through their ABM journeys. 

When Andrew joined in 2015, modern account-based marketing was very much an emerging discipline. It was from being in the trenches with customers, day in and day out, that he slowly built the framework he has today for “What good looks like” in ABM. As a result, he’s launched thousands of successful campaigns and helped customers make a real impact on pipeline and revenue at their organizations.

Schedule A Free Consultation 

It’s no secret that Andrew is an ABM nerd. It’s what he does and how he can give back during this time. If you’re interested in learning more about ABM Office Hours or are ready to schedule a free 30-minute session, visit us here: https://triblio.com/abm-office-hours/