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Patricia Mejia, CMO @ Siteworx

Patricia Mejia, CMO @ Siteworx

Patricia Mejia is the Chief Marketing Officer of Siteworx. She leads the marketing, public relations, demand generation, and analyst relations and has more than 15 years of experience helping organizations improve their marketing and communications. Under Patricia’s leadership Siteworx.com won WebAwards’s Outstanding B2B Website Award. The new responsive website resulted in an 12% increase in visitors, 6% in return visitors, 120% increase in average visitor duration and a 34% increase in organic conversions.

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Why is content marketing so important for businesses?

Patricia says that she recognizes content as the great equalizer online. Bigger brands may be able to dominate offline with more presence in a store, on television, or in billboards but on the internet smaller brands can still beat them or at least equal them by strategically leveraging awesome content.

“Content is the great equalizer online, the small guys can actually rule through content.”

-Patricia Mejia, CMO at Siteworx (click here to tweet

What do you think of lists and BuzzFeed type content?

Patricia confessed that she believes short form writing and listicles are fairly superficial and might grab eyeballs but fail to create the quality engagement that is key for B2B marketing. She prefers to consume content from publications like Forrester Research, Wall Street Journal, AdAge, Boston Consulting Group and Harvard Business Review.

How do you define successful content? 

Patricia sees successful content as a combination of data and opinion. She advises that marketers especially those targeting high level and very busy executives, abandon the typical way of delivering content “plank by plank, from the bottom to the top, until they can deliver a big payoff ” and instead flip it around by leading with the core message and immediately supporting it with facts and data. Executives are very busy and won’t continue reading your content if they don’t get value right away.

“Successful content makes the point from the moment that I start to engage with it and then continues to build off that.”  

-Patricia Mejia, CMO at Siteworx (click here to tweet)

What advice would you give CMOs thinking of expanding their social media marketing?

Patricia explains that every business is different, has different goals and different target audiences, so although she can’t give a blanket answer to this question she did offer an interesting analogy…”Starting a new social channel is like bringing a puppy home. It’s great when they first come home. But then you got to feed it. You got to care for it. You got to walk it. You got to do all those stuff with it. So you need to look very closely when you decide that you’re going to support something.”

“Starting a new social media channel is like bringing a puppy home. It’s great when they first come home. But then you got to feed it.”

– Patricia Mejia, CMO at Siteworx (click here to tweet

What huge mistake are companies making with social media?

Lack of investment in the people who are running the social media programs is a frequent mistake that she sees many businesses make. Many of the businesses are putting the youngest, most inexperienced person on the team in charge of social media and don’t adequately prepare them to be the face and voice of the company. Patricia says that investing in technology alone isn’t enough, she affirms that you have to invest in people first and technology second.

How important is SEO for Siteworx?

Patricia admits that SEO is a top priority for her team. Every time her team is working on creating content you can bet that it’s somewhat related to improving SEO for target keywords. For Siteworx, SEO has been the channel with the highest ROI for new customer acquisition.

“SEO is the most effective, least expensive way to acquire new customers”

-Patricia Mejia, CMO at Siteworx (click here to tweet

How can you improve your website conversions?

Patricia recommends improving your website conversions by making your content accessible, easily discoverable and using technology (like Triblio) that allows you to dynamically change and personalize content according to the behavior of your website visitors. Patricia emphasizes the website for your company is critical…”Everyone who ever bought from you, everyone who will ever buy from you is going to come to you for your website and it’s like your virtual business card, your handshake, your welcome mat. It’s all those things.”

“Everyone who ever bought from you, everyone who will ever buy from you is going to come to you for your website” 

-Patricia Mejia, CMO at Siteworx (click here to tweet

What content marketing trends will we see in 2015? 

Expect “a little bit of frothiness in the content marketing market.” says Patricia. On the positive side Patricia predicts more video and audio content integration that’s seamless and fluid for users and an increase in the organizations that will start implementing the smart integration of data and opinion. Regardless, she concludes that the best content will prevail and the best content marketers will still have a competitive advantage no matter what 2015 brings.

You can connect with Patricia at @PatriciaMejia and learn more about Siteworx at siteworx.com. Also if you’re Interested in taking your B2B content marketing to the next level like Siteworx has done visit Triblio.com today and request a demo of Triblio’s breakthrough content marketing personalization platform.

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