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Accelerate Pipeline

Activate sales with valuable insights to shorten sales cycles

What is Pipeline Acceleration?

Increase your sales velocity by aligning sales and marketing.

Pipeline acceleration is the strategy that an organization undertakes to increase the speed of accounts going through the sales process. Ultimately, pipeline acceleration is the process of increasing revenue. To achieve pipeline acceleration, an organization’s sales and marketing teams need to work together to create an acceleration campaign.

Sales enablement strategies are often implemented by marketing teams to increase sales velocity. Multi-channel touches and personalizations are all needed in order to drive accounts to a faster close.

Who needs Pipeline Acceleration?

Pipeline acceleration is achieved through the thoughtful investment of time and resources by the marketing and sales teams. The buying journey has changed. More stakeholders are involved, buyers are anonymous for longer periods of time, and the average sales cycle is increasing

Increasing sales velocity while streamlining the sales process for maximum impact is the dream of any sales organization. If your organization is concerned with increasing revenue, you can’t simply ignore these new hindrances and roadblocks to the sales cycle.

Pipeline Acceleration is for:

Marketers that want to get ahead of the buying journey to drive demand to the right places

Account executives that understand the ever-changing buying journey and want to exceed their sales expectations

Organizations that want to increase revenue and create a more efficient sales pipeline

Sales representatives that want to meet their anonymous prospects sooner

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