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In the past four months, our salespeople have been at home, complying with social distancing guidance. While we’re all doing our best to make this new normal manageable, it’s no secret that it’s been a learning curve for our salespeople, who can no longer build relationships in person. 

Like all businesses, Triblio’s AEs play an important role in our growth. They are the guardians of our pipeline, responsible for building loyalty and trust with prospects and helping them see the value of becoming a Triblio customer. Our AEs are experts at their craft and help B2B marketers show value to their organizations. 

Despite facing challenges like budget freezes and increased scrutiny on marketing productivity from management our AEs have been working diligently through these uncertain times and have found fresh tactics to connect with potential buyers. We recently asked them to weigh in on what they’ve learned in the last few months. Here’s what they had to say:

What are some new challenges you’ve faced with prospects during COVID?

David Nelson, Senior Account Executive

“Working in sales during COVID has brought some interesting challenges, as well as a few silver linings. Scheduling, for example, has been a little more difficult as many teams are working around children out of school, canceled events, travel plan disruptions, and more. While this can be tough for all of us to work around, I have also found it brings people together being on a video call in a closet while another person’s child is spilling milk in the background. These are interactions that can be seen as annoying or bring joy to each others lives along the way. 

Another difficulty is of course budgeting and job shifts. This one looked very grim at the start of lockdowns, as friends lost jobs, and many teams had budgets frozen or moved. While that started very rough, many teams are now taking more careful looks at budgets to reduce wasteful spending and invest more directly in the things that produce strong results. This has been a great exercise on the sales side, showing the importance of demonstrating exactly how you impact the bottom line and what specific needs are being met. Luckily, many friends and people throughout my network have been able to find new positions as things have started to stabilize slightly.”

As a parent, what advice would you give to salespeople with little ones at home?

Eddie Maglaya, Sales Director

“As a parent, it can be very hard to balance little ones at home while continuing to manage your day to day sales activities so time management is key. It’s important to work as a team with your significant other to calendar out your days to ensure you have “kid” coverage. My wife and I sync up calendars to figure out when we can take meetings and divide our day up into shifts. There will be a time when you both are double booked so you want to make certain there are specific activities that your kids can engage with that will keep them occupied but within earshot. Every week we prepare a timeline of STEM activities, online music courses, and even coordinate extra hands {i.e. parents, caretakers…etc} to cover the kids when we’re unable to. This type of preparation and coordination takes time but guarantees the proper quarantine/work-life balance for you and your family.”

What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of working as a sales rep at home?

Erik Sellouk, Strategic Account Executive 

“Working from home for the first time in my career has been an interesting experience. For me personally, the advantage has been converting over two hours of commuting to the office into my workflow which has allowed me to be more productive.

On the other hand, I do miss camaraderie that comes with working in an office environment.”

How do you think Q4 will be different this year?

Peter Gratwick, Sales Director

I think we’re seeing a return to normality in Q3 in that everyone seems to have become accustomed to quarantine life and most companies we’re speaking to are now fully functional and structured for our new world. I believe that Q4 will be similar to 2019 in terms of buying processes and velocity. The only difference will be replacing the Triblio “gong” with hitting my frying pan with a spoon.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten during this time?

Jared McGlotten, Strategic Account Executive 

“The best advice I have received is to focus on what you can control and don’t stress about what you can’t. Set a time in the day where you need to stop thinking about work and enjoy the remaining time at home for that day.”

We can’t help but be proud of our AEs during this time. They’ve been flexible and accommodating, not to mention they’re a great bunch of guys. If you’re interested in scheduling some time with one of our ABM experts, they’d be happy to help! Request a briefing here: https://triblio.com/request-demo/