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Here we are, another week of quarantine complete and Memorial Day weekend right around the corner. For some of us, this is the two-month mark of practicing social distancing. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, no one’s been exempt from adapting to new work conditions. Business is slow for everyone, and Business Development Representatives (BDR) definitely haven’t been spared from these new challenges. 

Our BDRs are essential players on our team. They’re responsible for generating new opportunities, so they’re definitely feeling the pressure. Even under normal conditions, prospects have a million reasons for why they don’t want to talk to you. Now, they’re facing industry-wide obstacles like budget freezes and increased scrutiny on marketing productivity from management.

Luckily, our BDRs are champs. They continue to hustle through this crisis and innovate on ways to connect with potential buyers, so we thought we’d ask them about what they’ve learned in the last couple of months. Here’s what they had to say:

What do you think is the biggest challenge for BDRs as it relates to out-bounding during this time? 

“I think one of the hardest challenges for BDR’s is creating new and relevant messaging for their target accounts. Understanding the needs and struggles that your prospects are going through is crucial to creating a genuine relationship in order to progress the buying process. Personally, I’ve seen more responses via email, however, it can be a struggle to create a sense of urgency for companies that have frozen budgets or are struggling to re-enter the buying process.”

Justin Hinders

What’s one thing you’ve learned about out-bounding during COVID-19?

“One thing I’ve learned is how to adjust to a stagnant market. Without opportunities we’d normally source from live events, our team is forced to rely even heavier on cold outreach and email campaigns. Understanding what your scheduling rate is per email sent is critical in hitting your quota. I need to know how many opps to expect per every 1000 emails I send and build my target lists with those numbers is always at top of mind. Making sure to have this science of outbound in tandem with creating personalized content has been key in creating demand during COVID-19.”

Genta Yuzawa

How can salespeople and BDRs survive or even come out stronger during the pandemic?

“I’ve always believed, as cheesy as it sounds, that the comeback is stronger than the setback. Seeing BDRs, sales, CEO’s, and everything in between on LinkedIn being more unified and understanding of the current climate has shown vulnerability and strength we don’t see every day. To survive and come out stronger, focus on your clients and prospects with more than a meeting or deal in mind.

We’re all adjusting to a new normal. Be supportive with your approach – whether it’s offering an educational piece, inviting them to a webinar, etc. Keep up the good communication with everyone! It’s important to be on the same page. Be honest about where your teams stand, and what you need to do to get where you want to be…and don’t forget we’re all in this together.”

Michelle Hussain

As the newest member of the Triblio BDR team, what has been your biggest challenge, and what is one piece of advice you’d give other rookie BDRs during these uncertain times?

“I feel very fortunate and excited to be a new member of the Triblio BDR team! Starting a new job can be difficult for everyone, but especially during these times. I did not know what to expect. Everyone in the company has taken it upon themselves to reach out and make sure my onboarding experience has been as smooth as possible. With that being said, there are obstacles to push through no matter the situation. 

Coming from an IT Staffing/ Recruiting background, 100% of the “selling” was done over the phone within direct communication. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced after joining Triblio was transitioning to a completely different selling strategy, using your words over email and building prospect lists digitally. A piece of advice I’d give a fellow rookie BDR is to exert maximum effort paying attention to detail. Take a lot of notes that you can revert back to if needed, and try to understand the big picture rather than getting caught up in some of the smaller meticulous processes.”

Brady McBride

Our BDR team has been super resilient throughout this crisis. Plus, they’re super great people, and if you’re interested in scheduling some time with one of our ABM experts, they’d be happy to help! Request a briefing here: https://triblio.com/request-demo/