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In today’s episode of Triblio’s content marketing podcast we interview: Lisa Fugere the Senior Content Manager at Radius. Lisa and her team are responsible for all the brand and thought leadership content like the Radius blog, marketing videos, ebooks, cheat sheets and social media.


The San Francisco-based company has raised about $80 million and has clients like American Express, Cox, ZenPayroll, Discover and a hundred others that are using the Radius Intelligence Platform to leverage insights on over 20 million businesses for data driven decisions.

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How is content fueling the growth that Radius is experiencing right now?

When Lisa joined the team almost two years ago she started with a lonely 10 blog articles, zero pieces of premium content and no strategy. Since that day she’s worked diligently on making content the fuel that drives the growth at Radius that’s attracting investors with a recent Series C Round of $54.7 million dollars.

Lisa explains that content has been the fuel to grow each marketing department from the events marketing program, to a customer marketing program, to demand generation to sales enablement content like case studies. Radius is ongoingly developing different types of content from the top of funnel to the bottom.

Content has been a crucial part of helping the market understand who Radius is, what we’re all about and helping our customers.” – Lisa Fugere, Radius (Tweet This)


What’s your secret to being on the edge?

Read a lot of better marketers’ content. Content marketing is a very transparent field, you can easily see what others are doing because everything is online. Find good examples of content and analyze them to help you learn from the leaders that are guiding the rest of the field.


What are the most obvious mistakes that you see with B2B marketing?

The biggest mistake is producing bad content, bad writing, cheap videos, and bad design. The content marketing truth used to be that the more content you had, the more traffic you got to your site and the more your audience would grow. But cranking out content quantity has diminishing returns because there’s just so much content.

Poor content makes your brand look less valuable. There are many ways to create good content quickly by creating scalable formulas and having a system once you know what works for you.


What metrics do you track for your content?

Track different metrics for different types of content. The main goal is to drive a lot of traffic back to the Radius website and then convert users from there or retarget them.

Radius also tracks traffic, time on page, bounce rate and for social media; conversation rate, amplification rate and engagement rate.


What are the skills that you look for in the awesome content marketers?

The number one quality that I look for in content marketing candidates is an appreciation for marketing.” – Lisa Fugere, Radius (Tweet This)

Lisa also adds that good writing skills are necessary but not sufficient.


What is marketing intelligence and how does that help marketers? 

Marketing intelligence is all about finding the right audience so that you can tailor your marketing messages for your target. Marketing intelligence can help content marketers find the right audiences for their content. The more relevant to the audience the more successful that content becomes.


What are the top trends that you think will emerge out of this year? 

Focusing more on quality of content instead of quantity in order to stand out from the content noise.

Marketers will have to stand out and be a little more creative.“- Lisa Fugere, Radius (Tweet This)

Lisa predicts that we’re going to see better content, more videos, more thoughtful targeted content and a lot more time advertising content on social media because of the various targeting and segmentation options.