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Reach Decision Makers

Focus spend and impact with persona and contact targeting

Targeting Accounts

Account based marketing is a more specific, more relevant, and more targeted way to reach key decision makers. Successful account-based marketing programs run display ads, mobile ads, video ads and social ads for specific roles and contacts.

Why Contacts are Key to ABM Success

Reaching decision makers is most effective when you target specific contacts or roles across multiple channels. Successful ABM campaigns combine account-based advertising with other outbound channels such as email, direct mail, sales outbounding, and/or the website. Reaching specific contacts through email information or identifying personas with in-target roles ensures that campaigns are focused on relevant decision makers instead of everybody at the target account. This way, you don’t waste spend pursuing irrelevant departments.

Targeting key stakeholders is not only efficient but also impactful. Pulling contacts from CRM, marketing automation, or custom lists gives marketers the flexibility to use a persona-based marketing approach. ABM with persona or contact marketing strategies concentrate spend on specific decision makers, crafting unique messaging that’s most relevant to them in their purchase journeys. For example, an end user may be influenced by messaging on ease of use and relevant use cases, while a budget owner in pipeline may respond better to ads about return on investment and known client quotes.

How Triblio clients reach key decision makers:

Advance contacts from inquiry to MQL with a combined marketing automation and advertising campaign that promotes long form content like webinars and ebooks

Reach new decision makers after they show interest through engaging with marketing automation campaigns or web visits

Increase awareness with contacts that sales will outbound to

Keep top of mind a VIP event promoted by sales

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