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You have definitely seen them while browsing; there is even a 60% chance that you have one. But why? Rotating HERO banners, image sliders, and carousels are the go-to compromise between departments when they each want their own message and CTA on the home page. But, they are killing conversions.

Most rotating banners are ignored ignored, can decrease SEO ranking, and generally have subpar conversion rates.  Web personalization provides an opportunity to deliver the right message and CTA to improve outcomes.

Unlike rotating HERO banners, web personalization provides four distinct advantages:

1. Target each audience with relevant HERO banner and CTA

If you individually target each account and contact with a unique HERO message or CTA, each visitor can receive a specific message by product interest, purchase history, or targeted firmagraphics. For example, promote cross-sells or renewal campaigns to existing customers, and focus acquisition campaigns on prospects. Each campaign can have personalized CTAs. Customers can receive a “Register for Product Training” or “Register for Event” CTA, while prospects would see a “Request to Talk to a Sales Rep” CTA.

2. Optimized website leads and ecommerce revenue

As CMO of Vocus, I was responsible for two websites. PRweb.com generated thousands of inquiries, and icontact.com generated millions in ecommerce revenue. We chose to suboptimize inquarter leads and ecommerce revenue with a rotating HERO banner to communicate branding and new product benefits. Consistently, test results indicated the content and free trial offers generated 15% more leads and ecommerce revenue compared to the branding messaging. It is also known that 84% of clicks on rotating banners come solely from the first slide in the rotation.

With web personalization, our team could have customized transactional messaging to visitors that had a higher propensity to generate an inquiry while showing branding messaging to first-time enterprise visitors. The personalization would have increased conversions and brought back a lot of the lost ecommerce revenue.

3. Increased target audience engagement

Rotating a HERO banner is like playing a game of roulette. Your target audience may see the intended message, but then again, they may not. Why take the chance? Instead, personalize the website for each target audience to guarantee they see the intended message.

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4. Aligned marketing and sales messaging

How often has a sales rep complained they lost a deal because the website messaging wasn’t focused on the product or the customer segment they were selling to?

Heard these comments from your sales team before?

  • I lost an enterprise deal because the messaging was too focused on SMB.
  • I lost a deal selling Solution B because the website focused on Solution A.

Stop the sales complaints – better yet, put your customers interests in the foreground – start aligning marketing automation campaigns with the sales pipeline through personalized website messaging.

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Use these advantages of web personalization so all four metrics, leads, ecommerce revenue, engagement, and branding impressions, can grow.

Thought Experiment: Wonder what your site would look like without the rotating banner? Get a free Mock Up.

Jason Jue
Jason Jue

Jason Jue is currently cofounder and chief marketing officer of Triblio, an account based marketing software provider for the web. He was previously chief marketing officer of Vocus, a publically traded PR software provider; VP of marketing of Rackspace; and held positions at Dell as general manager of ecommerce in Asia and executive director of global SMB CRM.