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Sales Activation

Equip sales with the visibility and tools to find and win the best deals.

What is sales activation?

Sales activation is more than just a sales alert. True sales activation helps reps answer:

  • Who – Which accounts and contacts should I be reaching out to?
  • What – What should I say to them? What content should I send them?
  • Why – Why would they be interested in talking right now?
Sales leaders should be asking marketing for activation tools because they provide reps with the best next step to move deals forward.

Why is sales activation essential to pipeline growth?

High-performing sales and marketing teams want the same thing: more revenue. However, both teams often struggle to work together because of age-old challenges like lead quality and the politics around who gets to work which leads. Sales activation serves as the missing link between sales and marketing.
Triblio provides tools that allow both teams to work together to plan messaging tracks, agree on intent-based campaign triggers, and reference the same reporting. Triblio’s sales activation module is flexible, taking into account how your specific sales team is organized, each salesperson’s capacity, account territories, etc.

Sales activation equips revenue teams

  • Unify goals and reporting across marketing, sales, and
    customer success
  • Evaluate key moments in the buyer journey by drilling into 1st and 3rd party intent for accounts and individual contacts
  • Trigger intent-based marketing campaigns and sales plays
  • Build and scale 1:1 assets for each account
  • Automate Lead-to-Account Matching and suggest new contacts
  • Alert sales to new or at risk accounts