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What is ABM for Sales Enablement?

Marketing & Sales finally come together.

It’s no secret that marketing and sales butt heads from time to time. With account based marketing, sales enablement has never been easier. One of the key benefits to account based marketing is the combined and coordinated efforts of marketing campaigns and sales plays at every stage of the buyer’s journey from first discovery to a closed deal.

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Eric Martin

Director of Marketing Programs, Salesloft

How does ABM for sales enablement help you?

With sales enablement, marketing and sales support each other at every step. Sales representatives receive email notifications on relevant prospect activity anywhere on the website, where the clickthroughs were, and what content is the most popular. Sales representatives can follow up with additional relevant content. With sales enablement, marketing teams can leverage insights based on this report to see what type of content is expendable and where more content is needed.

Sales enablement gives your organization’s sales teams the ability to accelerate pipeline and prepares them to satisfy the concerns and needs of prospects at every turn.


Sales Enablement is for: 


  • Marketers that want to help their sales organizations succeed by providing the right content and messaging to support them
  • Account executives that want to accelerate their sales velocity and connect with prospects sooner
  • Sales representatives that are tired of wasting so much time qualifying leads instead of solely focusing in-target prospects
  • Organizations that want to optimize their sales processes and align sales and marketing together
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  • Daily account activity reports in your sales representative’s inboxes whenever an account shows activity on the website
  • Salesforce plugin with Triblio automatically inserts account and visitor activity right in your Salesforce dashboard
  • Create sales triggers and events in Salesforce right in the Triblio app; trigger alerts based on account activity status, visitor behavior, and more

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