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ABM for Sales Teams

A core principle of account based marketing is that coordinated marketing campaigns and sales plays are used at every part of the purchase journey from initial discovery to close.

“More value from Triblio than we imagined”

Eric Martin

Director of Marketing Programs, Salesloft

See how Triblio enables your sales teams:

Account Activity Reports

Triblio delivers daily account activity reports straight to anybody’s inbox. Discover the digital actions of target accounts. Track account activity by known visitors and unknown visitors. Organize reports by sales territory or funnel stage.

Salesforce Plug-in

When viewing an account in Salesforce, Triblio’s Chrome Extension automatically inserts account and individual visitor activity right alongside all your other information in Salesforce.

See both known and unknown visitors within an account, where they’re engaging, and what they’re engaging with. In addition, you’ll also be able to see all web activity from that account as well as any campaign activity that they are engaging with.

Sales Triggers

Marketers can use Triblio to set up Salesforce tasks and notifications based on account activity status. Tasks can be triggered based off of specific criteria such as number of visited pages, engagement minutes, and more. Create a new Salesforce campaign or add to an existing one.

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