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Scott Linabarger and Amanda Todorovich are the dynamic Content Marketing duo behind one of the most recognized and respected medical centers: Cleveland Clinic

Scott LinabargerScott Linabarger is the Senior Director of Multichannel Content Marketing and has been part of Cleveland Clinic’s marketing team for the past 6 years. In his leadership role Scott oversees digital marketing (Web, Content, SEO, Social, Email, Mobile) and Creative Services (Posters, Flyers, Brochures etc..). Scott has been an integral part of creating and driving an efficient and effective content strategy that has served Cleveland Clinic and it’s patients well.

Amanda TodorovichAmanda Todorovich is the Digital Marketing Manager and works closely with Scott on Cleveland Clinic’s content marketing strategies, social media management and leading the digital engagement team. She’s also in charge of managing the email marketing strategy and is overseeing the launch of ConsultQD, Cleveland Clinic’s blog for physicians and healthcare professionals.

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Why is content so important to Cleveland Clinic?
Content is important to Cleveland Clinic because it gives them a way to be useful, relevant and helpful to consumers on an everyday basis when they don’t necessarily need or want their services. Content helps Cleveland Clinic build awareness and keep top of mind with potential future consumers.

How does the marketing team collaborate to build a cohesive strategy?
The Cleveland Clinic team likes to openly share data. They believe in sharing successes, failures, detailed analytics reports etc…This helps keep everyone on the same page.

How do you measure the overall performance for your content?
Scott and Amanda agree that traffic is definitely the number one way that they like to measure content performance because ultimately they’re looking at moving the needle with brand awareness.

What’s your secret in building an effective content marketing strategy?

Scott believes that:

“The essence of good content strategy starts with asking these two questions: What are we trying to accomplish as a business? What do consumers want and need from us?” – Scott Linabarger (Click here to tweet this)

He adds that

“The foundation of any content marketing strategy should be finding that sweet spot where the consumer need meets your business strategy.” – Scott Linabarger (Click here to tweet this)

How do you deal with doing content marketing and social media in a regulated space?
Amanda says that when people voluntarily share pertinent information via social media her team immediately steps in to direct them to an offline platform like the phone of private message.

How do you recruit non-marketers to assist in your content marketing strategy?
Cleveland Clinic has been very successful in growing it’s content library by involving their guest bloggers to help out. They currently have 40 expert bloggers (doctors and health professionals) that contribute regularly to their blog. One of the ways they got to this point was by being transparent with analytics. Doing this has been valuable in providing to the doctors evidence that these blog posts are worth their time. The team also shows the bloggers how they will benefit from the online exposure.

What tools do you use in your day to day content marketing work?
The Cleveland Clinic has the following tools in their content marketing toolbox:

Why doesn’t Cleveland Clinic use HootSuite?
Amanda prefers the idea of having real, actual human beings physically doing these kinds of things and she prefers becoming more intimately involved in the process of social media and the evaluation of its success. She doesn’t want a set-it-and-forget-it kind of approach. The digital team looks at each channel separately and develops a schedule and a strategy for promoting content across those channels.

What are your predictions for content marketing in 2015?

“It’s not about more content as much as it’s smarter content and thinking about how to continuously optimize every piece of content you produce.” – Amanda Todorovich (Click here to tweet)


“Content marketing will consume other parts of our marketing. It will become part of our offline, PR and online advertising” – Scott Linabarger (Click here to tweet)