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If you are in sales you’ve probably heard of  “Social Selling” or “Sales 2.0”.  Some claim that these are just the latest buzzwords to hit the sales profession while other sales professionals have recognized that social selling is not the latest fad but it’s an actual shift of a new reality for sales departments everywhere. Social media has already revolutionized “traditional marketing”, is it doing the same thing for “traditional selling”?

But wait a minute Jeff….what exactly is “Social Selling”? I’m glad you asked, here’s how LinkedIn defines it: 

Social selling is leveraging your own professional brand and social network to gather insights and connections, then use those information to help you discover new opportunities, sell, and get business done.  

Still a little confused? Check out these 10 Social Salespeople answer the question:

What is Social Selling?


Jamie Shanks Social SellingJamie Shanks, Social Selling Trainer Says:

Meeting the buyer where the buyer is conducting due diligence and arming themselves with information, to make informed decisions – ONLINE. Social Selling is also about leveraging these online tools to help a sales professional have a more pertinent and effective conversation with their buyers


Viveka von Rosen LinkedIn ExpertViveka Von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert Says:

We have to remember social over selling. Social media platforms do not lend themselves to a hard sell. But they are a great place to engage and develop true business relationships based on familiarity and trust.


Brian Burns Social Selling MaverickBrian Burns, Author of “The Maverick Selling Method” Says:

I feel Social Selling is a lot more then using Social Media to share your Sales Pitch via Content. I feel that Social Selling is more about Breaking the Ice and building rapport in a Authentic, Sincere manner based on Common interests.


Gary Kissel LinkedIn Social Selling SpeakerGary Kissel, an Independent LinkedIn Speaker says:

Social Selling is not new but now we are dealing with a global market with instantaneous communication. LinkedIn and other social platforms have emerged to dramatically increase opportunities for finding, connecting and engaging–the essence of social selling


Marki Lemons Ryhal Social Selling SpeakerMarki Lemons Ryhal, an Award Winning Social Media Speaker Says:

Social selling is my ability to listen to your conversation, engage you on topics that are of interest to you and provide you with great content on that subject that will ultimately lead you to doing business with me.


John Byrne Ireland Social SellingJohn Byrne, Ireland’s Leading Social Selling Advocate Says:

Socially selling like any sales skill it is a discipline. By using social media , with particular emphasis on LinkedIn to connect, inform educate and influence your prospective buyers and existing clients. It does not eliminate the need for traditional professional sales skills, rather it can enhance them helping to elevate the salesperson to a Trusted Advisor.


Evan Weber LinkedIn Social Selling QuoteEvan Weber, CEO of a Leading Digital Marketing Agency Says:

Social selling can take on many forms in this day and age. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest should be leveraged to generate followers and traffic to the site to sell products. Visitor retargeting on Facebook and Twitter should be used to increase website conversion rates. Building targeted fans and followers is paramount to increasing exposure and leveraging the social channel. Effectively advertising on social networks holds a tremendous amount of upside for all businesses selling on the web.


Melonie Dodaro LinkedIn Social SellingMelonie Dodaro, Canada’s Leading LinkedIn & Social Selling Expert Says:

Social selling is a sales technique that focuses on building relationships with your market and utilizes social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.



Julio Viskovich Social SellingJulio Viskovich, a Social Selling Pioneer says:

Social selling is a layer over top of your current sales process that empowers salespeople to harness social media to connect with buyers and prospects during traditionally dark periods and build a level of trust never seen before.


Andy Kellam LinkedIn Social SellingAndrew Kellam, a LinkedIn Sales Solutions Enterprise Account Executive says:

All selling is inherently social no matter what channel or information you use. It is up to each sales person to choose how they treat the person they want to sell to: a faceless name to be talked at or real, live human with their own goals to achieve.



Social Selling Speaker Jeff ZelayaJeff Zelaya’s Social Selling Definition:

I define social selling as YOU the sales person, leveraging your personal brand to network, build relationships and then to influence and benefit those relationships by providing value through engagement, education and relevant recommendations. Social Selling is primarily about looking for new ways to add value to your network. Only when you have added enough value to your network will you be able to reap the rewards of more leads, new accounts and sales success.



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