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One of the pillars of Social Selling is technology. All things equal, if a salesperson is competing to win new business having access to the right social selling software and tools will give the sales executive an edge in:

  •  Finding more quality prospects
  •  Increasing the likelihood of engaging them
  •  Maintaining & nurturing business relationships
  •  Shortening the sales cycle
  •  Closing bigger deals (and more of them)

All that while at the same time helping the sales executive become more efficient with their valuable time so that they can spend time on the things that really matter. There is no doubt in my mind that all things being equal the 2.0 Salesperson will win the business over the salesperson that only relies on outdated sales methodologies.

But with all the social selling software and tools that are out there, where the heck do you start and what exactly do you really need and why? In the “Conversation Prism” inspired graphic below I show you different tools that exist for social selling and break them down into categories for you. Below I also share examples of the social selling tools that I’ve used and why I recommend you using them.


 Social Media Platforms

You can’t have SOCIAL selling without SOCIAL media. These are the most popular platforms for social sellers.

LinkedIn is the first platform that you probably think of when you think social selling. Using LinkedIn you can find the right prospects, build lead lists, get alerts when your contacts get promoted or change companies and so much more. LinkedIn is the quintessential tool for social selling.

other Social Media Platforms you should be using are:

Social Media Management

Social media management tools save social sellers time in managing their social media.

Buffer is my go to social media management tool because it’s easy to set a sharing schedule, drop in several pieces of content and have buffer distribute the updates while providing weekly analytic reports to see how each update performed in terms of impressions and clicks.

Other Social Media Management tools include:
Sprout Social

Social Selling Automation

Scale social selling with automation. These tools save you time with recurring tasks.

I didn’t know what Socedo was until someone used it on me. I had no idea that the engagement was automated and frankly I didn’t care because it was so smooth and relevant. Socedo is a social selling tool that helps sales professionals automate the process of discovering leads and build relationships throughout social media.

Other Social selling automation tools include:

Influencer Monitoring

It’s all about who you know & who knows you. Find & leverage the influential people in your network.

Whenever I put out a press release there was always at least two people in my network that would call me or email me to congratulate me regarding the news that the release was about. I loved getting these calls and was actually very appreciate for their kind note. I learned later that these two folks were alerted by Newsle that I was featured in the news that day. I started using Newsle and love how it helps give me reasons to call and stay in touch with the influencers in my network. It’s no wonder that Newsle was recently acquired by LinkedIn.

Other influencer monitoring software include:
Little Bird

Content Curation

Content is the currency of social selling. Do you have relevant content to share with your prospects?

I might be biased but I love Triblio and how it curates content based on personas and not just keywords. Triblio takes into consideration your target audience, the publications they read, people that they trust, people that they are influenced by as well as several other factors that are calculated into a algorithm. Triblio then spits out curated content in a beautiful stream that is searchable, emerging and highly relevant to your various personas. A marketer or a sales manager could then pass these out automatically to their entire sales team and measure the reach, conversions and sales that the curated content helps produce.

Other content curation software include:

CRM Software:

Keep track of leads, opportunities, forecasts is overwhelming without a CRM in place. A must in sales!

Salesforce is my go to CRM platform because of my familiarity with it but also because there are so many ways to use it and so many plugins to help you customize the system to fit your specific needs. If you need a CRM that is expandable among several departments within your company then Salesforce is the obvious choice, if you need a CRM more focused on sales and social seling then Nimble and Pipeliner should be two of the other choices you should explore.

Other CRM options are:


This technology has fueled the growth in Inside Sales. Reduce travel expenses and wasted time.

Going back and forth with a prospect to figure out the best time/date to schedule a demo can be pain and an inefficient use of time, that’s why I love using TimeTrade. If a prospect is interested in meeting with me, they click my TimeTrade link and can then see at a glance my availablity, they pick the time and date that works for them and TimeTrade then sends the calendar invite and call information. Easy as pie and saves me time and headaches of coordinating meetings so I can then focus on sales generating activity.

Other meeting tools include:

Business Intelligence

Without intelligence in sales, you’re toast! Get data that’s accurate, easy to access and actionable.

Kitedesk does business intelligence better than any other platform I’ve seen. With a simple plug-in Kitedesk analyzed your network with 12 different criteria that assist you in finding leads & provides detailed insight on how to get your foot into accounts. Pre-call research is drastically reduced.

Other Business Intelligence Software includes:


If you’re in sales, you’ve got decks! How can you make your decks more engaging and useful? Here’s how:

SlideShare is an awesome way to show off your decks, PDFs and even videos. As a Pro SlideShare user I get access to detailed analytics and a lead generation mechanism built right into the deck. What I love about SlideShare is it’s SEO power and how useful it is in getting your presentations and materials visible on Google. Of course having a one click integration with your LinkedIn profile is also a very nice feature!

Other presentations tools include:

Did we leave any names out? What’s your favorite social selling software? Comment below, we want to hear your feedback!