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As B2B sales departments become more overwhelmed and challenged in dealing with a more knowledgeable & social media savvy buyer, it becomes necessary for sales executives to understand how they can leverage social selling to help them overcome this new challenge (If you still don’t know what social selling is then read this first).

Numerous studies and surveys as cited below show proof that the buyer’s cycle and their decision making process has changed from 5 years ago. If sales organizations and salespeople aren’t able to adapt to a paradigm shift in the sales industry then they will not be able to thrive in this new social media and content driven environment. If you don’t believe me just look at the shocking social selling stats below.

P.S: If you’re a sales executive pushing for social selling training and social sales initiatives at your business make sure to share this link with your Sales Manager. Get them onboard with social selling before it’s too late…

 23 Shocking Social Selling Stats

  1. On average decision makers consume 5 pieces of content before being ready to speak to a sales rep. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  2. 10.8% of social sellers have closed 5 or more deals attributed to social media. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  3. 54% of social salespeople have tracked their social selling back to at least 1 closed deal. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  4. 72.6% of salespeople using social selling as part of their sales process outperformed their sales peers and exceeded quota 23% more often. (Source)
  5. 46% of social sellers hit quota compared to 38% of sales reps who don’t. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  6. 64% of teams that use social selling hit quota compared to 49% that don’t. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  7. 80% believe their sales force would be more productive with a greater social media presence. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  8. B2B buyers complete 57% of the buying decision before they are willing to talk to a sales rep. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  9. 92% of buyers say they delete emails or voicemail messages when comes from someone that they do not know. (Source)
  10. The average cold calling appointment rate is 2.5% (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  11. 2/3 of companies have no social media strategy for their sales organizations. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  12. 93% of sales executives have not received any formal training on social selling. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  13. 53% of salespeople want help in understanding social selling better. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  14. 96% of sales professionals use LinkedIn at least once a week and spend an average of six hours per week on the professional networking site. (Source)
  15. 82% of prospects can be reached via social media. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  16. 50.1% of social salespeople spend between 5% to 10% of their time on social media. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  17. 21.7% of the sales people are not using social media, 18.9% cited not using it because they didn’t see the value and 45% cited because they did not understand social selling. (Source)
  18. 77% of B2B buyers said they did not talk with a salesperson until after they had performed independent research (Source)
  19. 36% of buyers said they didn’t engage with a sales rep until after a short list of preferred vendors was established. (Source)
  20. 84% of B2B decision makers begin their buying process with a referral. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  21. A warm referral increases the odds of a sales success 2x-4x. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  22. 71% of salespeople believe that their role will be radically different in 5 years. (Source) CLICK TO TWEET
  23. 69% of sales executives believe that the buyer process is changing faster than organizations are responding to it. (Source)

Have any intriguing social selling statistics to share? We want to know, please post them below & we’ll use them in a follow up and attribute it to you & your source. 

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